1 Billion Rupiahs Business Profit With Yeusy Manasye

bisnisumkmonline.com/- What’s on your mind when you hear the words oil and lubricants? Surely the world of automotive and machinery is not it? Which where the world is notabenenya is a hobby of men. The sellers of oil and lubricants start from small to large scale is dominated by men.

So what if the oil and lubricant businessman is a beautiful woman and feminine? Yes, this is what Yeusy Manasye is experiencing, this Jakarta-born woman is able to dismiss the views of people, if beautiful women and feminine were able to independently and compete with men for business decisions. Yeusy who has a business soul from small even able to see great opportunities. Proven only one year he wrestle oil business, Yeusy has reaped profits up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Start a Career As a Cake Seller to a Weding Organizer

At first it never occurred to Yeusy to go through a business of buying and selling oil and lubricants. This is very contrary to his hobby. How not, he who is accustomed to plunging into the creative and food business this time should focus on running the business of oil and lubricants.

“Before jump into this business I Weding Organizer (WO), very contrary yes. The guns are much different that both are looking for customers, “Yeusy said

No one thought if you see a beautiful woman who always showcase this beautiful smile, it runs the business is from the bench Junior High School (SMP). Yeusy has been educated and trained to be a businessman from adolescence. This is due to economic problems that befell his family when both parents Yeusy decided to split up. Inevitably to meet his personal needs, Yeusy also had to fight for himself.

Yeusy who spent his childhood and youth in the Flower City had time to sell used clothes that he bought in the market Cimol, Bandung, which then he sold back to his friends.

“At that time Cimol famous, the center of buying and selling used clothes in the city of Bandung. I buy 10 thousand for 5 clothes, I wash and iron then I pack into plastic, then I sell again one shirt 10 thousand. Well I get for 40 thousand, until the end of this business advanced until I graduated high school, “she recalls while laughing freely.

Not satisfied with the success of selling second-hand clothes, Yeusy then tried his luck selling brownies cake he sold to his school friends. Unexpectedly, the cake of his products was selling well.

“I also had time to sell brownies cake. In the evening I make my own cookies for sale to school tomorrow. I brought a cookie basket to school and never felt ashamed. Precisely more exciting merchandise we sell, “he said.

Yeusy small business trips always run smoothly. Then after high school and had a one-year college tasting, Yeusy no longer do secondhand clothes and brownie cake, he chose to work as a cashier at a restaurant in the city of Bandung. But it turns out the business soul can not be separated just like that, he was bored. Lalau then Yeusy determined to raise money to buy a food tenant in a mall in Bandung.

“I once worked as a cashier at one restaurant in Bandung. I am passionate work to collect money because I do not want to be an employee. After the collapse I finally bought a small tenant tuh to sell food measuring 1 X 2 meters, “Yeusy story.

After several epidemic tasting success as penguaha food, to have 5 places tenant spread in several malls in the city of Bandung. He was then faced with trials. One by one tenant Yeusy was closed until folded, because it is not termaintain properly.

“After my tenant closed I then offered catering for the wedding to my friend. It turned out to be a success. Then from there creep into wedding photos and decorations. Well that’s the first time I opened the weding orginzer, ”

Changing Fate Through Marketing

1 Billion Rupiahs Business Profit Withย  Yeusy Manasye For many years Yeusy runs his weding organizer, and he begins to realize that his efforts are not producing satisfactory, Yeusy has to wait for the ‘marriage season’ if he wants to have an income. Again a fortune approached him, in a meeting he was introduced to a perpetrator of oil and grace suppliers at jualoli.com. Did not take long, Yeusy then offered to work with the company as a marketing.

“It was in 2015, I was introduced by one of my colleagues as a businessman selling oil and lubricants, then I was offered work as a marketing,” said Yeusy smiled.

Yeusy initially very difficult when having to market products rarely dilakoni by women. Moreover, this product relates to automotive and machinery which notabenenya is a hobby of men.

“Yeah, it’s normal for a woman to be a fashion business, or make up. But I just choose the usual business done by men, “he said.

Not only the oil business and lubricants that promise to be the reason this 34-year-old woman pursue her efforts, it turns out many positive impacts that he can.

“A lot of new things in me, I also met a lot of people who are extraordinary and more important business is very good profit, alias fortunately very big. So I want to pursue this business, “he added.

It turns out that not only difficulty in adapting it to be done Yeusy, he was faced with several other difficulties. Women who grew up in the city of Bandung was once cheated by customers who are not responsible so that suffered a big enough loss.

“All the business must have aja ya hard, including also in this business. I was cheated. Many people order goods to us, and when we send the goods suddenly the person disappears does not want to pay, “recalled Yeusy.

Such events obviously lose his efforts, but Yeusy does not break the charcoal, he does not feel afraid much less kapok. He just got back up. He thinks a lot of things that can be aroused again, one of them when Yeusy can meet with a much smarter client and many positive impacts for himself and his business.

“When I meet new people who are very smart, and give a lot of positive impact for me and my efforts, it is what makes me back from the grief that befell my business. And I am getting more determined to get back up for the better, “he said excitedly.

Learning from the adverse experiences of his business, Yeusy, conscious of the progress of the present age, must also be ‘digital literate’. He who had used digital marketing bisnisumkmonline.com/ in the company where it works first, then re-use services bisnisumkmonline.com/for his company.

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“I know bisnisumkmonline.com/ in 2015 when I was marketing at selling Mr. Deden’s oli.com. Well since I decided to be independent, I finally use the services Indotading for my business, “he said.

Many advantages that Yeusy get after using the services bisnisumkmonline.com/. In addition to its products are known almost throughout the archipelago, thanks to digital marketing as well Yeusy’s business income became skyrocketing.

“A lot of profits that I get. My cell phone was empty, a day is usually a nanya or who want to buy only 5 people, but now in the morning can nyampe 20 people who contact me. That does not include the person who asked to email bisnisumkmonline.com/.com. And indeed if described by gerafik which was 20% up to 60%. Increased iu quite fast as well. Shrinking my customers when they are looking for selling oil, Maxin tuh selalau always appear the number one on the google page, ”

bisnisumkmonline.com/ not only makes Yeusy’s business number one on Google’s page, it is also able to raise its turnover to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

“At the beginning of our income dirty one month only 20 million rupiah, now dirty can only break the number 500 to 600 million rupiah per month,” closed Yeusy end , 1 Billion Rupiahs Business Profit Withย  Yeusy Manasye

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    1. thank you for great detail that you show ๐Ÿ™‚
      yes , actually we use that “mistakes” to engagement our visitors like you

      we want to know are the visitors notice or not , please forgive us for inconvenience that you have here
      and yes , SHE is Buisness woman ๐Ÿ™‚

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