3 These Businesses Beat Hard And Exported Abroad Thanks To Creativity

bisnisumkmonline.com/- Creativity is often seen as being less important in a business. In fact, it is creativity that makes the difference between one product with other products. With a touch of creativity, a simple product can be transformed into a product with high selling value.

The products of the local creative industry have long stolen the world’s attention. Especially if the product is unique and rarely found elsewhere. There are so many local creative products that not only sell well in the country, but also abroad. Here are original Indonesian local products that have been exported to foreign countries that have been compiled by the editor of undercover

Ivan Bestari Magic Waste So Waste Worth Millions Rupiah

Some people think that glass waste is useless waste. But unlike the case with Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta. With the creativity it has, the original youth of Yogyakarta is able to convert glass waste into handicraft items worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

Since 2011, Ivan has been in the glass waste recycling business called Otakatik Creative Workshop. Initially, this is motivated because of the amount of waste bottles and glass waste that is around the house. Glass waste is then processed into handicraft products that have a high enough selling value.

“The main part of the product is made of 100% glass waste, whether it is melted glass and then re-shaped, or glass bottle waste that we cut and we give a touch of artistic and design,” said Ivan.

The products made by Ivan are known to have high artistic value and attention to detail. Until now, there have been dozens of types of goods that have been made, such as artwork, wall hangings, jewelry, pendants, earrings, glasses, vases, and so forth.

Not only interested buyers in the country, many foreign tourists who are interested in Ivan products. Ivan handicraft products are sold at a price that is enough bervarisi between Rp30 thousand to millions of rupiah. One of the keys to business success is not to stop working and give in to the obstacles.

“Continue to work and not give in to obstacles,” said Ivan.


Fourspeed Metalwerks: Business Accessories Hundreds of Million Bestsellers in Europe to America

Business accessories may sound unpromising. But make no mistake, creative accessories design can make a product much sought after, even exported to foreign countries.

One of the accessories products made with a touch of creativity is the Fourspeed Metalwerks product. Fourspeed Metalwerks is one of the creative industries from Bandung which was founded around 2005 by 4 people, namely Dawn, Hilton, Yudi, and Mulyana.

“2005 was the start of the founders of Fourspeed Metalwerks from a small garage in Bandung. Background 4 friends are Hilton, Dawn, Yudi and Mulyana, “said Dawn.

Fourspeed Metalwerks makes a wide range of special accessories for men such as rings, necklaces, and belts. Their artificial accessories are unique because they are made of copper, brass, silver, and lannya materials and the majority have a skull motif.

Unmitigated, the buyers also came from among the top metal bands such as Sepultura, Madball, and Metalica. In fact, accessories made by Fourspeed Metalwerks already exported to various countries such as America, England, Europe, Japan, and China. Turnover per month has reached hundreds of millions.

“We have exported to America, England, Europe, Japan and China,” concluded Fajar.


Have Been Low Carier , Now Danu Sofwan Success To Be “Radja Cendol” With 1.5 Billion Rupiah Omzet

Who does not know cendol? Cendol is one of the typical Indonesian drink that we can easily find. However, unlike the case with artificial cendol Danu branded Radja Cendol. Unlike most cendol, Danu cendol is unique, can even bring in turns of up to billions of dollars per month.

Danu’s decision to start cendol business was due to the economic demands of the family. After his father died, Danulah became the backbone of the family. He then decided to sell cendol because cendol including one of Indonesia’s original drink that entered into the list of 50 best beverage in the world.

“Apparently cendol representing Indonesia included in the list of 50 world’s best beverage via CNN who mempoling that the best rendang food in the world. So Indonesia represents two drinks, coconut ice is the same cendol. Kok sebegini great cendol, but people kok even in droves sell products outside, “said Danu.

Since it was first launched about 2.5 years ago, Randol received a positive response. In addition to the delights and uniqueness, Randol also much in demand because it is healthy for consumption.

But who would have thought, to be able to run this business Danu Sofwan must work extra hard. He even had time to be a porter sand for the sake of getting business capital.

“I first sempet so coolie to collect capital to open business cendol,” said Danu.

Not only become a porter sand, the man born in Tasikmalaya, August 20, 1987 is also willing to be a singer. The work he did for 8 months. Now, Danu Sofwan can enjoy his hard work.


Ivan Bestari Magic Waste So Waste Worth Millions Rupiah

“Growing it from small to large, small yet consistent steps will bring progress,” Ivan Bestari Minar Pradipta, CEO of Brain Creative Workshop.

Many people think of waste glass and used bottles as waste. But in the hands of Ivan Bestari, the waste can actually be used as unique items worth hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars.

How can?

Ivan began to wrestle waste glass recycling business and bottles used since 2011. At that time, around his house there are a lot of waste glass and bottles used are not used. Because the hobby of tinkering with goods, Ivan was interested to recycle the glass waste into handicraft items.

Although initially only trial and error, it turns out Ivan handicraft products steal many people’s attention. Artificial goods Ivan is also known to have unique designs and high artistic value.

Finally, in 2011 Ivan founded the Otakatik Creative Workshop. The place was established with college friends at the University of Christian Duta Wacana (UKDW) Product Design Department in Yogyakarta.

“Otakatik Creative Workshop was formed with a gathering of young people from the UKDW Product Design Department who often gathered to discuss duties or fad ideas,” said Ivan Bestari, CEO of Otakatik Creative Workshop

Ivan said that actually this place is open to anyone who wants to be creative. Moreover, for people who like to tinker with items like Ivan and his friends. Ivan also opens the widest opportunity if there are parties who want to invite Otakatik Creative Workshop to collaborate.

“Otakatik is an open ‘workshop’, open laboratory, and creative space is open to anyone who wants to use our facilities. There, we can be creative or collaborate together through the exploration of waste processing methods and local materials, “said Ivan.

There are various types of goods produced by Otakatik Creative Workshop. Most of these items are used for decoration and accessories. The workmanship is done in detail by using certain techniques. Not surprisingly, the handmade crafts are pegged to millions of dollars.

“Artwork, wall hangings, jewelry, pendants, earrings, glasses, cadle shade vases, and others,” said Ivan.

Created Handmade with Special Techniques

Ivan’s glass waste recycling business is indeed unique. With his creativity, Ivan is able to transform useless items into high value artworks such as wall hangings, pendants, earrings, glasses, and other ornaments.

All products of Creative Workshop is made of various glass waste. Before they are recycled, they are cleaned first. After that, Ivan sort the objects according to the type and size.


“The main part of the product is made of 100% glass waste, whether it is melted glass and then re-shaped, or glass bottle waste that we cut and we give a touch of artistic and design,” said Ivan.

Glass waste that has been cleaned and sorted will then be recycled according to the desired model. There are glass waste that can be instantly reshaped or melted first.

However, there are generally two methods of recycling this waste plastic, the method of flaming and cold working. Flowing method is done by heating or melting glass waste first before it is formed into handicraft items.

“The frameworking will be broken glass pieces with fuel with temperature up to 1000 degrees Celsius and then reshaped by hand,” said Ivan.

Meanwhile, cold working method is done by directly cutting glass waste without going through the heating process. After that, the glass waste can be carved with certain motives.

“If the cold working we used to process glass bottle waste with our cut and cut parts we polish to not sharp and then we give artistic touch with sand blasting and grafir,” said Ivan.

At first glance, Ivan’s artificial crafts made a fragile fragrance. Even so, these items have a beautiful design and thick with artistic nuance.

Ivan sell goods recycled waste waste this with the price is quite variatif, which range of Rp30 thousand to millions of rupiah. The harder to make, the goods will usually be priced at an increasingly expensive price.

“The products we make worth a range of Rp30 thousands to millions of dollars. Depending on the level of difficulty and artistic value, “said Ivan.

Had Difficulty to Market New Products

Thanks to the consistency and hard work of Ivan, now his handmade craft items are increasingly known to many people. Even so, it does not mean business travel that they are free of obstacles. Ivan claimed the results of crafting Artemis Creative Workshop initially not easily accepted by the public.

Recycled products from glass waste have not been so popular in the domestic market. Moreover, the people of Indonesia recognized Ivan not all understand the artistic goods.

“Introducing products to the market is not easy because processed products from glass waste have not been too popular in Indonesia,” said Ivan.

Not only that, Ivan also had confusion determine the selling price. The reason, such glass waste recycling products are still relatively rare in Indonesia.

“The product is completely new then for our price reference is quite voracious. How much should we determine and whether it will be absorbed by the market? “Said Ivan.

But it does not necessarily make Ivan stagnant in business. He also continues to create new works with various models. Eventually, Ivan was finally able to determine the equivalent price for each product of this glass waste recycling.

“But the problem was resolved after the passage of time, where we began to recognize the market from the experience of interacting with the market directly,” said Ivan.

Rely on Promotion Through Social Media

To build this business, Ivan poured capital of Rp 5 million. The money comes from his savings. This capital is eventually used to purchase some other tools and equipment.

“The initial capital is only around Rp 5 million because we prefer the skills to process materials, so do not rely too much on the tools that must be expensive,” said Ivan.

Meanwhile, the main materials used such as glass waste and used bottles obtained Ivan free of charge. The material can be obtained easily in the neighborhood of Ivan’s house.

“Raw materials can be spelled out almost no need to spend to get it,” said Ivan.

In the early pioneering business, Ivan handcrafted goods are only known by some people. The offer is still limited by word of mouth. But as time goes by, more and more people are familiar with their handmade craft items.

Not only that, Ivan also take advantage of technological advances to market homemade products. In recent years, Ivan has begun to use social media to market his homemade items such as accessories and ornaments.

“Business strategy is still developing, and now we focus more on publications via social media,” said Ivan.

Since it was built about 5 years ago, now Otakatik Creative Workshop is increasingly known to people. In addition to the role of marketing through social media, coverage of various media also affects the business.

“Product Otakatik have started more known by the coverage of various print media, electronic, and online,” said Ivan.

Until now, already thousands of products made Ivan sold. The buyers who come not only come from local residents, but also foreign buyers. Ivan said that homemade products have been repeatedly purchased by tourists who visit Yogyakarta. Its products were not only sold in its outlets, but also to some stores around Yogyakarta.

“We do not have any outlets outside the location of Otakatik itself, we have a consignment to some stores around Jogja,” said Ivan.

The success achieved by Ivan is certainly not coming all of a sudden. In order to create a quality and unique product, Ivan had to experiment many times. Moreover, processing products made from glass is not easy. Ivan must be extra careful not to harm the material.

“The experience and knowledge of how to process glass is not easy to find in Indonesia, we can achieve the present after passing the annual experiment,” said Ivan.

Ivan also looked at the glass waste processing business opportunity is still a good prospect in the future. What’s more, handmade or handmade products usually have a higher selling price than a machine-made product.

“Opportunities are still quite broad, but we can not pair with products made in bulk with machines or prints. Value of glass products will always be higher when done by hand, “said Ivan.

In Indonesia, the use of this method of flaming is still very rarely used. In fact, it can be said that the Otakatik Creative Workshop is one of the pioneers of glass processing methods with flameworking techniques.

“Otakatik is a pioneer of glass breaking method with flameworking technique in Indonesia and this method we call with Recycled Glass Flameworking get appreciation enough outside both in the country and abroad,” said Ivan.

To be a successful entrepreneur in the creative industry, it takes persistence and high creativity. The ups and downs are common. The most important thing is not to give in to obstacles and keep working.

“Continue to work and not give in to obstacles,” said Ivan.

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Start With Low Carier ,  Now Danu Sofwan Success To “Radja Cendol” With 1.5 Billion Rupiah Omzet

“Every businessman must have a difficult time. It’s not how much we fall, but how strongly we rise from the fall, “said Syahputra Kamandanu Sofwan, CEO of Radja Cendol.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not easy. It takes a long struggle as well as a spirit of abstinence. One of the entrepreneurs who deserve our examples of fighting power is Syahputra Kamandanu Sofwan or who is familiarly called Danu Sofwan.

Danu was born to a wealthy family because his father was a successful businessman. Since childhood, whatever he wants is always obeyed by his parents. Like other rich children, he was given various luxurious facilities such as cars.

But all that changed since his father’s business went bankrupt in 2006. The financial condition of Danu’s family was immediately shaken. Not only Danu, his mother and his brothers were not ready to live with the condition of the shortage at that time. Moreover, two years later his father died.

“In 2006 pas father went bankrupt, we all shocked and shocked. Feeling not ready aja so with the circumstances that occur. I am the third child of 4 siblings and the only man, “said Danu Sofwan, CEO of Radja Cendol when found undercover Tuesday (30/11/2016).

As the only boy in the family, Danu feels that he must be responsible to provide for his family’s life. Especially when his family’s financial condition is really messed up. Not only his mother’s boutiques are sold, electronic appliances and household supplies were desperately sold to eat. In fact, Danu said that his family at that time had eaten only with a side dish of soy sauce.

“We are confused by the circumstances. Mom has a boutique on sale as well to cover the expenses. Want to eat aja selling TV, selling mattresses, eat rice with soy sauce, “Danu recalls.

Rather than giving up the situation, Danu is just a passion to change his destiny and his family. He also tried various types of businesses, ranging from being a reseller of shoes to electric cigarettes.

“Then finally the various phases I passed. From 2008 it may have been 10 attempts I have ever tried. Initially just a reseller such as shoes, clothes, bracelets, electric cigarette, just so many others, “said Danu.

Then, how Danu struggle to build Radja Cendol to have 780 outlets up to now?

Lift Culinary Over Indonesia Through “Randol”

One day, Danu felt uneasy because there are so many outside products that dominate the Indonesian market. In fact, there are many traditional products of indigenous Indonesia that has a delicious taste. Finally he was looking for inspiration native culinary business Indonesia via the internet to find cendol as the answer.

“I see the Indonesian market is intimidated by outside products. So rarely really business actors, especially SMEs so selling local and traditional products, even vice versa. Indonesia has what? He said Indonesia’s culinary is rich. Continue my observation. I searched the internet that sticking out is cendol, “explained Danu.

From the search results on the internet, Danu found that cendol entry into the list of 50 world’s best beverages via CNN. From here the idea to do business cendol it appears. In addition, Danu also wants to lift Indonesian culinary so as not to lose with the products out.

“Apparently cendol representing Indonesia included in the list of 50 world’s best beverage via CNN who mempoling that the best rendang food in the world. So Indonesia represents two drinks, coconut ice is the same cendol. Kok sebegini great cendol, but people kok even in droves sell products outside, “said Danu.

Danu’s concern about the abundance of culinary from abroad that dominates the Indonesian market is not without reason. Danu felt that cendol as a representation of one of Indonesia’s original culinary must be lifted. Because in fact, not many people know that cendol including one of the best drinks in the world.

“There should be a movement from young people at least to lift this cendol in order to better known and lift the traditional Indonesian food as well. Because it turns out this cendol is a traditional Indonesian beverage that tastes delicious and has been recognized by the world, “said Danu.

During this time, cendol is often regarded as a less prestigious culinary edge. For that, Danu wants to lift cendol as a delicious, healthy, and also good quality. Finally, Danu made a cendol beverage business named “Radja Cendol” or commonly abbreviated Randol in 2013.

“Why Radja Cendol hope we want to dominate the traditional market of Indonesia. Because msih very rare culinary tradisinonal yag appointed the same Indonesian business actors. We are the pioneer of milk cendol and its toping variant and it’s the first in Indonesia, “explained Danu.

However, Danu’s cendol blend is not an ordinary cendol. He made several innovations into his cendol product. This is done to increase the selling value of cendol as well as attract the public interest.

“How does this cendol have more value. Then I think this cendol product should be modified should I touch with some innovation, “said Danu.

One of the innovations done is by substituting coconut milk with milk. This is not without reason. From the research conducted, the milk consumption of Indonesian people is still very low compared to the countries in the ASEAN region.

“Finally we replace coconut milk with milk. That was there anyway. My research again turned out that Indonesia is the country with the lowest level of milk consumption, even in ASEAN only 12 liters per capita per year. Far from Malaysia and Singapore that already 50 liters per capita per year. Especially the other overseas it’s hundreds of liters. So every detail or every detail that I have a certain mission vision, “said Danu.

Danu said that Unique Selling Point (USP) is very important. If you want to continue to grow, a product must have uniqueness. So did Danu. In addition to product innovation, Danu also uses unique menu names.

“There Kejendol (cheese and cendol), there is SUNDEL BOLONG (tiramisu pake cendol may dong), there in GONDOL SATPOL where (greentea and cendol united it nampol). So naming the menu is unique. The first time people see the picture doang or the menu doang they would have been interested, laughing funny, and all sorts. Seidanya people glance at our products first, “said Danu.

Uniqueness is very important because that is what will attract people to see our products. After seeing the uniqueness, people will usually be interested to taste the product. If they feel satisfied, surely this will quickly spread to other people.

“Well if it’s so they would want nyobain, they continue to nyari. After they nyari continue to feel, it feels in accordance with their expectations, from there arise WOM (Word of Mouth) from mouth to mouth aka getetic, “said Danu.

Since it was first launched about 2.5 years ago, Randol received a positive response. In addition to the delights and uniqueness, Randol also much in demand because it is healthy for consumption. This is because Randol does not use dye and food preservatives in the manufacturing process. Not only that, cendol Randol was known to have a very chewy texture.


“We do not use flour mixed with suji leaves because we do not use food coloring. The process was stirred for hours to produce a chewy cendol, “said Danu.

Randol’s tasty and chewy recipes were not found easily. Danu claimed to have to travel to several cities to find the best cendol maker. He also invites the best cendol maker to work together.

“So I bacpakeran looking for cendol makers in various regions. There are 5 times the city that I singgahi. Finally in Pekalongan ketemulah same one person who now we finally work together. Well he is his brother maker dedengkot cendol Indonesia. Although I am working with expert cendol maker, but for the recipe is from my own, “said Danu.

Not Embarrassed So Sand Head, Singer, and Driver To Collect Capital

Being the only male son in the family makes Danu inevitably the backbone of the family. Danu also continue to rack my brain how to collect money in a fast time for business capital cendol. Whatever the job, the origin of halal will be done by Danu. All that was done in order to realize Randol.

“I first sempet so coolies to collect capital to open a cendol business,” said Danu.

Not only become a porter sand, the man born in Tasikmalaya, August 20, 1987 is also willing to be a singer. The work he did for 8 months.

“Well apart from being a coolie, I ngamen long enough also for 8 months. That’s because ngumpulin capital. Bayak confused how the capital how ny nyinya. If we move the capital there must be our origin continue to search. Yesudah finally nyicil-nyicil tuh fit to make a place to sell, “said Danu.

Danu is also not ashamed to be a call driver. As long as there is a chance to earn money in a lawful way, it is not wasted.

“I also work as a driver. Nyupirin temen pokonya any work while producing and lawful I do, “said Danu.

In addition to undergoing various jobs to raise capital, Danu also learn to create a website Radja Cendol alone. Although not an IT child, he has a high spirit in order to create a website for this business. He often took the time to read books in bookstores, though never been expelled by a security guard.

“I studied tuh in the bookstore until expelled with the security guard. I am very happy to learn and share with something new. I do not understand IT, but my own Randol website. Continue to make the coding itself, that time there are guns that do not help because there is no cost, “said Danu.

Have 780 Outlets That Berzzet Billions

The result never betrays the effort. After struggling to develop the business Radja Cendolnya, now Danu finally able to enjoy the results of his business.With a franchise system, now Radja Cendol already has 780 outlets throughout Indonesia. In fact, next year Danu plans to open a branch in Malaysia and Singapore.

“Already there are 780 outlets that spread in all over Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke. We also want to export expectations. God willing, the beginning of next year we would like to open in Malaysia and Singapore. There we no partner for his franchise. If there are 10 privately owned outlets spread in Greater Jakarta, “said Archer.

Danu fix the price of this cendolnya at a relatively affordable price. He membanderol cendolnya prices range from Rp7,500 to Rp17,000 each of his cup. This price difference depends on the type of toping used. The more toping used, the more expensive the cendol.

“If the price of the original cendol starts from Rp7,500 to Rp8,000. If the existing menu-topingnya toping is priced from 9,000 to 10,000. If for-toping toping the scene can be up to 15,000 to 17,000, but that price standardization. While that’s outside the city following the purchasing power there. Prices were sold in shopping malls is also different, not the same, “said Archer.

Every day, no less than 10,000 cup Radja Cendol produced. The ten thousand cups are distributed to outlets Radja Cendol that exist throughout Indonesia. Not surprisingly, of the hundreds of such outlets can Danu pocketed turnover of more than 1.5 billion per month.

“We are minimal daily production of 10,000 cup. That we distributed throughout Indonesia with the number one cupnya was 5,000 rupiah. 5,000 tuh already can cendol, sugar, milk, straws and cups. So she’s already lived jualin wrote and sold by mitra randol was Rp8.000 thousand. Well, 10,000 cups per day. So yes stay multiplied wrote. It was beyond the cost of the franchise, multiplied by 780 outlets around Rp 9 million. Another result of the private outlets. We used to sell 60 cups per day for a single outlet, “said Archer.

Danu success in developing Cendol Radja This certainly can not be achieved easily. To develop this business, Danu routinely innovate in ebrbagai things. One is the innovation in creating new menus.


“Every five monthly so make 1 to 2 new menu. Well, we’ve got nine main menu but if other menus tuh ngikutin season, now rich rainy season we make the raining season where drinks cendolnya is hot series. By naming menu is also unique. Now there are 18 variants, “said Archer.

In business, Danu hold the principle hitherto believed. He believes that the purpose of business is not to be rich. By owning a business, he just wants his family can rest easy when they are hungry or sick time.

“Look, my business is not for the rich or big, just me otherwise. My goal pengan open a business it’s very simple. First I want my family to eat what not to worry tomorrow if sick berobatnya how? Because I often ngalamain in such conditions. Well because that’s what makes me open this business, “said Archer.

To the young people who want to start a business was Danu has a message. Not to have lofty expectations when I want to start a business. The important thing is to never give up and live everything with sincerity. If both of these can be done, it results obtained will be more than expected.

“So for my friends who no longer build a business, do not expect a big buildup because while it is far from what we want, continue akhirya give up, despair. So the goal was just important disederhanain run it with a sincere, well, exactly. Well I did as it was God gives like what I harapin, I do not even banyangkan, “said Archer.

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Fourspeed Metalwerks: Business Accessories With Omzet Hundreds of Millions whom Sold Out  in Europe to America

“We are not businessmen who have sense of art, but we are artists who have sense of business,” said Dawn Suryajaya, CEO Fourspeed Metalwerks.

Metalwerks Fourspeed name probably still a bit strange in the business arena accessories homeland. But who would have thought this brand is already known to Japan, America, and even Europe. Unsparing, buyers also come from the top metal bands like Sepultura, Madball, and Metalica.

Goods produced by Fourspeed Metalwerks are accessories such as rings, necklaces, and belts for boys. This accessory is unique because it is made of materials such as copper, silver, or brass dominated skull motif.

Not only that, Fourspeed accessories products Metalwerks also made with the level of detail and accuracy. Metal impression will be felt upon seeing a variety of unique accessories.

Fourspeed Metalwerks was founded around 2005 by 4 people, the Dawn, Hilton, Yudi, and Mulyana. At the beginning of starting a business, they even just use a small garage in Bandung for the workshop.

“Year 2005 to the beginning of the journey of the founders Fourspeed Metalwerks of a small garage in Bandung. Motivated 4 sekawan ie Hilton, Dawn, Yudi and Mulyana, “said Dawn to undercover Tuesday (13/12/2016).

All four of them had the same vision and mission which is to create a brand that could become an icon for men. After some discussion, they agreed to make a man of special accessories such as rings, necklaces, and belts.

“The beginning of our stand was inspired from one brand or a giant company in the world that has a strong character became an icon for men or society that is Harley Davidson,” said Dawn.

Since it was established eleven years ago, is now increasingly recognized Metalwerks Fourspeed many people. In fact, the products have been regularly exported to various countries such as Japan, China, USA, and countries in Europe.

“We already export to America, UK, Europe, Japan, and China,” said Dawn.

Then, what Metalwerks Fourspeed business trip until he could reap a turnover of hundreds of millions up to now? Check out the full story below.

Never Fails Many At times Product Making

The success achieved Fourspeed Metalwerks certainly not obtained easily. At the beginning of starting a business, they even claimed had failed many times when you first create a product sample. Moreover, four of them do not have any background about the making of accessories.

However, they do not necessarily despair. They are even more eager to learn from the mistakes that have been done.

“Ups and downs of establishing Fourspeed Metalwerks one of them during the process of creating a product. Because it is our insight into the background and not the artist or the production, “said Dawn.

To produce high quality accessories such as now, they have been through the process of testing for years. They do it all on his own. In fact, the production site Metalwerks Fourspeed been burned during the process of making the product.

“The first year we finally learn to carve, mengecor, and others are self-taught. As a result of our production sites exploding fire aka. All of our production goods were destroyed, “said Dawn.

However, the fires did not dampen their enthusiasm to create unique accessories named Fourspeed Metalwerks. After working countless hours, they finally managed to make the product accessories such as rings, necklaces, and belts are priced at Rp75,000 and Rp150,000.

“The first time we successfully created products and accessories we began marketing this product, the price is quite cheap and Rp75,000 for rings and necklaces, belts 150,000 to the head,” said Dawn.

The price offered by Metalwerks Fourspeed is still considered too expensive by the community. Moreover, not everyone who can appreciate the artwork as unique accessories made in Fourspeed Metalwerks. Even after a year up, sales Metalwerks Fourspeed practically very quiet.

“The response was incredible quiet,” said Dawn.

Although sales are still very quiet, they do not give in. They also decided to give special discounts. Still, the public is still not glancing Fourspeed Metalwerks products.

“Our products do not sell at all until that moment we decided to discount the products. But still it is not desirable and less appreciated, “said Dawn.

Online Business Only with Rp 1 Million Rupiah

To start these accessories business, Fourspeed Metalwerks not require substantial capital investment. Digelontorkan capital when starting a business is only about Rp 1 million. The capital comes from private money Fourspeed Metalwerks founders.

“Our relatively small initial capital only around Rp 1 million,” said Dawn.

Although only rely on small capital, it does not mean the products are made carelessly. Fourspeed Metalwerks it prioritizes quality homemade goods accessories.

Because of the quality, every item is made Fourspeed Metalwerks handcrafted or handmade. So, we can be sure that the rings, necklaces, and belts made in Fourspeed Metalwerks made with high precision.


“The manufacture of its products to 80% by hand, so handmade. Products are made such as rings, necklaces, and head of the belt, “said Dawn.

In addition to having a unique design, accessories Fourspeed Metalwerks was known to be very durable. The reason is because the products Fourspeed Metalwerks made is made of various hard materials such as brass, copper, silver, and other materials.

“We provide several variants of raw materials for our products such as pewter, brass, alpaca, copper, and silver. Each of these raw materials have character and uniqueness. For example, each of the raw material has a color and a different level of material strength, “said Dawn.

Because it does not get a positive response in the domestic market, Fourspeed Metalwerks also tried to offer accessories to foreign countries. Apparently, the response is obtained it is very surprising. Not only in demand in China and Japan, Metalwerks Fourspeed product was selling well in America and Europe.


“In 2007-2008 we try to introduce our products to overseas and the response was so great. To the extent that they do not believe that this is the work of Indonesian people and finally we decided to sell our products abroad by means of online, “said Dawn.

To develop this business, Fourspeed Metalwerks implement various strategies. One of them is the strategy of “Power of People”. With this strategy, Fourspeed Metalwerks trying to build closeness with its customers through the fraternity of fellow users Fourspeed Metalwerks accessories.

“One of the strategies that we do to survive until the present time, namely the Power of People. The significance of this strategy is that we build an attachment or enggagement with our consumers throughout Indonesia and abroad which we give the name Fourspeed Family which is where all those who use the product Fourspeed Metalwerks we think of as a brother, “said Dawn.


Successfully Exported to Europe Up America

Although less desirable in the domestic market, the products are in great demand precisely Fourspeed Metalwerks foreign markets. In fact, the metal bands on board who come from abroad such as Metalica, Sepultura, and Madball already subscribe to.

“Until today, our biggest market 70% coming from the US, UK, and Europe. The remaining 30% of Southeast Asia including Indonesia, “said Dawn.


Artificial accessories products Fourspeed Metalwerks priced fairly high. Rings, necklaces, belts and head made by companies located in Bandung is sold at a price range between Rp900.000 to Rp5.000.000.

“The price of our products range from Rp900.000 to Rp5.000.000 for rings, necklaces and head of the belt,” said Dawn.

Up to now, Fourspeed Metalwerks own multiple outlets at home and abroad. In Indonesia, Fourspeed Metalwerks has 6 outlets while abroad there are five outlets in 5 countries.

“Outlet in Indonesia in Bandung, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Bali. If Outler abroad in the USA, the UK, Mexico, France, and Japan, “said Dawn.

Of the 11 outlets, Fourspeed Metalwerks has managed to achieve a turnover of hundreds of millions. No less than 100 million made it into the coffers Fourspeed Metalwerks.

“The turnover per month approximately Rp100 million,” said Dawn.

Fourspeed success Metalwerks as handmade accessories brand that is sold abroad is of course made the Dawn and her friends are satisfied. But that does not mean they’ve stopped innovating.

Fourspeed Metalwerks even planning to issue a collection of condensed culture of Indonesia. By doing so, they expect their products to be accepted by the people of Indonesia.

“This year we put out a collection that adapts with the aim of preserving the culture of Indonesia, with examples: Gajah Mada, Asmat, Saber, Cleaver, Barong etc as our inspiration in the work that we named” Return of the King “, the light of dawn.

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Successfully Export to Singapore

In the future, confident that Dawn domestic accessories business discount bright prospects. In addition, the products are made by hand or handmade usually more valuable than the machine-made products.

“Prospects accessories business in Indonesia will continue to grow and the products produced by hand or handmade will have a high value in the eyes of people than products using machines,” explains Dawn.

The success achieved by this Metalwerks Fourspeed certainly not achieved easily. Dawn advised the other Indonesian businessmen that are not focused on the goal of success, but rather the creative process itself. According to Dawn, success is just a bonus from any process that has been undertaken.

“Enjoy each of the processes that occur because the process is reversed we will get a very valuable lesson. Berkaryalah totality without thinking about what will be achieved. Because no matter how small you are at work, there are always people who will appreciate the work. The word success is a bonus from it, “said Dawn.

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