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Undercover Bisnis – 5 Trusted Beauty Clinic , Facial care has become a lifestyle. No wonder many beauty clinics offer special treatments tailored to the needs of the skin – from basic facials , laser treatments , to contouring. In addition, at the beauty clinic, you can also consult with an expert doctor to find out more about skin health.

Nowadays, beauty clinics are getting more and more popular – even some beauty clinics are starting to develop in many cities, including big cities. What’s more, there are now many interesting places that offer various treatment options. To be able to make it happen, there are several recommendations for trusted beauty clinics including;

ERHA CLINIC , Trusted Beauty Clinic

Erha Clinic itself positions itself as a skin care clinic that has two treatment solutions, firstly, focusing on the specific needs of each customer and secondly, providing over-the-counter care products without a doctor’s prescription.

In addition to services at the clinic which are very complete and run by experienced experts, our range of products that are sold freely is also very large, so for people who haven’t had time to meet a doctor or just want to try Erha’s products, Erha can also serve them.

Erha Clinic’s long journey certainly cannot be separated from Erha Clinic’s commitment in providing skin care solutions to consumers, so that Erha Clinic has a special place in the hearts of its consumers.



Natasha is a facial treatment center as well as a skin beauty clinic that carries the slogan “Nature Meets Technology”. Based on her tag line, it can be concluded that Natasha tries to cobisnisumkmonline.com/ne natural cosmetic ingredients with high technology to produce maximum beauty treatments. In her execution, of course, Natasha was not only assisted by advanced technology but also assisted by professionals. Natasha Skin Care is also famous for its herbal skin care and advanced technology

For Natasha Skin Clinic Center, everyone has different needs for their skin. Therefore, Natasha categorizes her treatment into three categories, namely Teen, Men, and Women.


ZAP continues to be committed to continuing to be a solution for the community. With the development and number of ZAP outlets that have spread in almost all regions with a total of 50 branches, this has brought ZAP to be the largest women’s clinic in Indonesia.

Providing laser-based beauty treatments with the world’s best technology, ZAP has been known as a clinic that provides laser-based hair removal and beauty treatments with the best safety and all treatments are handled directly by doctors.

ZAP now presents ZAP HEALTH which focuses on health services to increase body immunity and adult vaccinations as well as immunization for children 0-18 years.
Cobisnisumkmonline.com/ning the concepts of hospitality and medical, ZAP puts forward a five-star service experience, as well as safe treatment with punctuality and a system that has been integrated online throughout Indonesia.

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    Dermaster Clinic Indonesia is unquestionably the best clinic in Indonesia because it has won many awards given with survey results by the Association of trusted Research Bodies such as SurveyOne, SuccessResearch, and Tran n Co.among them; Editor’s Choice Award 2019 OMNI Marketing Communication of the years from Marketeers,

    Highly Recommended Skincare Product 2019-2020 from Award Center, Highest Contribution to the Medical Aesthetic field in Indonesia for APTOS Thead Lifting 2019 from PT. The Eternal Ocean.

    Then, in early 2020 Dermaster received the Top Digital PR Award from Info Brand, Top Digital Company Award from Marketing Magazine and Editor’s Choice Awards 2020 Digital Marketing Campaign of The Year from Marketeers. Editor’s Choice Awards 2020 Innovative Beauty Service of The Year from Marketeers and many other awards.


    Derma Express is a beauty clinic that was born with the dream of being able to meet all the needs of all levels of society to have a proportional face, healthy and youthful skin. Because Derma Express believes that a proportional face and healthy skin are future investments.

    Derma Express carries the tagline “beautiful affordable #DermaExpressaja“. Through this tagline, Derma Express wants to convey that they continue to provide high quality products and services but at a more affordable price.

    Derma Express has a facial treatment called Jeju White Peel. Useful for absorbing dirt on the face, removing dead skin cells, shrinking pores, maintaining skin elasticity, and brightening the skin. Besides that, the Jeju white peel treatment is painless, and suitable for all skin types.

    Not only that, there are various treatments to meet the needs of consumers such as derma filler, facial treatment , Under Arm Glow, Spot Free , and acne treatment tailored to skin conditions. Derma Express currently has 4 branches, namely in Utan Kayu (East Jakarta), Tawakal (West Jakarta), Gading Serpong (Tangerang), and Semarang (Central Java).


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