Achieving Series A Funding, This Is’s New Strategy, a technology startup that provides customer loyalty and marketing programs, has won series A funding. The investment value reached US $ 1.1 million. This funding is led by East Ventures with a strategic investment from Traveloka.

These funds will help to improve content creation capabilities. Thus, accelerating the company in achieving its mission, namely changing the landscape of the loyalty program in Indonesia and realizing the vision of influencing consumer behavior with the aim of having a positive impact on business and society.

“Currently we are able to provide end-to-end marketing solutions from awareness , aspiration, activation to retention and recommendations to clients and brands. By creating quality content on several digital platforms, we have developed our capabilities, not only in producing content around travel, but also expanding into culinary, sports, lifestyle, beauty, finance and e-sports content, “said Marianne Rumantir. , CEO and Co-founder of also announced their expansion into the world of creator economy with the joining of Travel Secrets, a travel content platform pioneered by Marianne Rumantir and Luna Maya. Following the joining of Travel Secrets, the startup founded TS Media, a new division that will focus on content production.

The presence of TS Media provides a platform for brands and companies to optimally benefit from the creator economy that is currently developing in Indonesia, relying on the support of technology and expertise provided by

Despite expanding into the world of the creator economy , this startup will remain focused on providing strategic consulting, data analysis, and technology solutions for businesses and brands, with the aim of driving retention and quality from existing customers. Meanwhile, TS Media focuses on creating content that will increase customer awareness and activation, as well as help businesses acquire new customers.

Creator Economy

The creator economy is growing rapidly in Indonesia, driven by the unique character of its people who are attached to the use of mobile devices ( mobile-first ). This then makes content creators pop up and attract millions of followers on various social media.

Based on data from App Annie, throughout 2020, the average Indonesian population spent 5.2 hours per day accessing the internet via mobile devices , the highest average in the world. Every month, surveyed internet users in Indonesia spend an average of 25.9 hours on YouTube, 17 hours on Facebook, 17 hours on Instagram, and 13.8 hours on TikTok.

“As we enter the post-pandemic era, we have witnessed a change in media consumption patterns in society. One of the main trends today is the birth of a creator economy, which is now part of the solutions offered by We are supportive and excited to continue working with Marianne, Robert and Luna to build this platform, ”said Willson Cuaca, Co-founder and Managing Partner at East Ventures. will use this new funding to improve its ability to produce content by increasing resources, recruiting new talent, and producing a more diverse range of digital content. Luna Maya, an actress and entrepreneur with over 50 million followers across social media platforms, has also joined as a Managing Partner, bringing with her more than 20 years of experience in the media and entertainment industry.

“We create new programs with new talents so that they can reach a variety of audiences. This opens up opportunities for more brands from various industries to work together, ”added Marianne. Meanwhile, strategic investment from Traveloka opens access to a wide network of business partners and various new business opportunities for

Robert Tedja, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of said, the pandemic has triggered a change in customer behavior. They now spend more of their time viewing content on social media.

“By producing content about domestic tourism, we can make a big contribution to encourage increased demand at Traveloka. On the other hand, Traveloka’s extensive merchant network in the tourism industry can be our new source of income. We believe this is a mutually beneficial partnership for both companies, “said Robert.

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