CHECK THESE 7 BUSINESS IDEAS OUT, YOU CAN START IT ON THE PICK UP TRUCK The rental price of kiosk or shop increasingly goes higher, making the most of the business starters confuse when they want to start a business. Are you one of them?

Their minimal capital plus the cost of renting business premises that continue to skyrocket, making the starters have to think twice to target a strategic business stalls at an economical cost. One of them is just trying to juggle a pickup as shanties effort.

Lately, pickup truck or a light truck with an open cargo bed is not only used as a sand transporter car, with a touch of creativity from business starters, the back of a pickup can be turned into a lucrative trade stalls.

So, what are the business ideas you can run with the pickup truck? Here are 7 business opportunities you can start on the pickup.


  1. Various Kinds of Beverage Business

One of the business ideas you can run in on the pickup is selling various kinds of drinks, for examples, ice blended beverages, chocolate drinks, ice creams, bubble drinks, fruit soups, ice coconut, ice durian, and so forth. The making process of the drinks were relatively easy, it is not going to get you a hard time when sell them on a pickup.


  1. Selling Seasonal Fruits

Maybe we often see a pick up that deliberately stops on the roadside to peddle a wide variety of seasonal harvested fruits, such as mango, duku, longan, snake fruit, durian, guava, dragon fruit, or orange. Generally, the sellers sell the harvest from their hometown, because they know that in big cities there are no farmers who grow fruits.

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  1. Fast Food Businesses

In addition to offering a wide range of beverage products, you also can turn the cargo bed of the truck into kind of small fast food outlet. In this opportunity, you can offer instant menus such as spaghetti, burgers, martabak, toast, sushi, fries, tempura, meat ball, rice bowl, rounded tofu, and so forth.

  1. Selling Fashion Products

Other than offering food, you can also sell fashion products on the pickup truck. Turn the cargo bed into something like a stall equipped with hangers to display fashion products such as clothes or veils. If you use this idea, you need to consider and focus in determining market segments, for examples, targeting fashion for kids only, or it can also target women wearing hijab or veil.


  1. Business of Freight Transport

Generally, the pickup is often used as a freight service. In order for your business not losing while competing with its predecessor, you can manage to start the online freight transport business. By online, you can more easily get potential customers. In this business, you can serve freight such move house or move boarding house, goods delivery in the and out of town, and so forth.


  1. Glassware and Household Utensils

You probably have seen a pickup full of glassware stuffs go around the residential area complete with the voice of an old man who shouted “three for ten thousand, feel free to choose, three for ten thousand!” You can try out this business idea, as long as you sell the glassware and house utensils in quite affordable price.


  1. Mobile Coffee Shop

This business idea has been popular in recent years, especially in crowded places as a favorite location for hangout. Without having to rent a shop, you can put a couple of tables and plastic chairs close to pickup truck. With this strategy, consumers can still chatting casually while waiting for a cup of coffee to be served.

CHECK THESE 7 BUSINESS IDEAS OUT, YOU CAN START IT ON THE PICK UP TRUCK In addition to the above business ideas, actually there are many other business opportunities you can run by the pickup truck. The most important thing is turn your pickup into something that catch the attention of your targeted market segments, and make sure you select a business idea that is easy to manage by mobile. Good work and be successful!





Not many people know, Bob Sadino started his business with a capital of 50 laying hens. Together with his wife, in 1968, he began to sell his wares to rich people, generally foreigners, who lived in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Now, who does not know Kem-Chicks. It is not only keeping the selling of eggs, but also the selling of hundreds kilograms of beef, vegetables, chicken, and beverages, essentially for all kinds needs of today’s modern hotel and household.

3 September 1983 issue of Tempo magazine wrote about what would happen to the business after the deceased of Bob Sadino as the founder. Sadino’s family-owned supermarket was the subject of discussion in a seminar on family businesses organized by Institute of Management Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Institute for Defense and Security Management, LPPM and Prasetya Mulya Management Institute on August 24, 1983 in Jakarta.

The topic was not emerged for discussion because Bob Sadino was good at selling meat and eggs, so they made the seminar to take Kem-Chicks for discussion. In other hand, it was about how the couple of Sadino would develop the company “till could live another hundred years,” said a seminar participant.

Bob Sadino died in Pondok Indah hospital, South Jakarta, on Monday, January 19, 2015, at 17:55 pm. Zainal Abidin, the relatives of Bob Sadino, said Bob’s declining health conditions has started since November 2014. However, Zainal could not confirm what the disease Bob suffered before he died. “The heart condition is good, breathing well. Temporary conclusion is Om Bob died because of age, “he said.

According to Zainal, Bob Sadino’s health condition has been declining since his wife, Soelami Soejoed, died in late July 2014. Since that time, Bob Sadino get the nutrition from IV tube, and was treated in the emergency department. According to the plan, Bob, who was born in Tanjung Karang on March 9, 1939 would have the last respect at a funeral home in the area of ​​Lebak Bulus and will be buried in Jeruk Purut on Tuesday, January 20, 2015.



Settled in Yogyakarta city, did not make Ronny Yahya (29) forget his hometown. Adopting a culinary menu of his parents’ hometown, Ronny tried to get involve in Jogja culinary business market by providing practical processed foods in cans.

Unlike other people’s culinary businesses, in which they choose plastic wrap or pack of Styrofoam for food products, this young entrepreneur nicknamed Ronny prefers instant canned rendang business. He admitted that intentionally chose canned packaging so that his homemade rendang dishes can preserve longer.

In order to make his business different from the others, Ronny, who bring the brand of Rendang Magek, not only created a menu of canned beef rendang, but he also tried to introduce the menu of rendang jengkol and ‘patin’ curry.

When be asked why he had the idea to make canned rendang jengkol, Ronny said that since 2005 he has lived in Jogja, and more often found the jengkol stew dish than other jengkol dishes. Actually, according to him, the taste of jengkol will equally as delicious as other dishes if it is cooked as rendang.

Seeing the increasingly public interest about jengkol menu is quite high, with the help of her mother, Yeni Ennida (54), he was trying to cook jengkol by ‘rendang’, aiming to create a new sensation for the lovers of jengkol.

This method was quite successful. Besides his mainstay menu of canned beef rendang which are preferred by consumers, he also has been flooded with orders of canned rendang jengkol. Meanwhile, to help the government introduce a program of “I like eat fish”, Ronny also participated by bringing a menu of canned ‘patin’ curry.

“I deliberately chose ‘patin’ because it has not been widely known, whereas the protein and omega value of ‘patin’ is higher than other fishes,” said the young entrepreneur who recently won second place in the competition of creative business in Yogyakarta.


Many Times of Trial to Find the Perfect Ingredients

Before the success, at the beginning, Ronny has conducted surveys and trials focusing on canned food processing. Repeatedly, he concocted herbs and tried to create the perfect taste, and certainly without reducing the levels of nutrients in his production even when it put in a tin can.

“Initially, the food was cooked as usual in the pan. Then put into the cans and get into a sterilization process or heating at temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. And for the canning process, I made a partnership with a company in the area Sorosutan, “he explained.

Ronny’s hardwork in creating this instant foods business idea is managed to get a big success, now the enthusiasts and fans of Magek’s rendang jengkol, beef rendang, and canned fish curry are not just limited to only people in Yogyakarta. In the other hand, the highest demands are coming from customers out the city, such as from Bekasi, Jakarta, Malang, Makassar, and Kalimantan.

This Rendang Magek products has also been brought by people from Indonesia to Japan, the Netherlands, and Italy. “If it is canned foods, It can be last longer, up to one year so it can be brought abroad, and be the cure for the homesickness,” said Ronny, who is currently conducting negotiations in order to sell their products at a supermarket in Singapore.

Tagged at various prices, they are ranging from Rp 35,000/ can to ‘patin’ curry product and Rp 45,000/ can to the menu of jengkol and beef rending. In a month, Ronny claimed to be able to sell more than 100 cans of instant foods to the market. CHECK THESE 7 BUSINESS IDEAS OUT, YOU CAN START IT ON THE PICK UP TRUCK

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