Differentiation of Monkey Stories

As an increasingly global language, English has a decisive value in all aspects of life. From there, parents and educational institutions have an important role to instill in the absorption method of foreign language learning.

However, it’s important to keep getting used to it in daily practice. This is captured by Monkey Stories as a cornerstone of building a business.Present as an educational game platform, Monkey Stories presents game content to find new letters, pronounce letters or arrange words correctly, hear/read stories, grammar, how to make sentences from simple to complex.

Differentiation of Monkey Stories in Children’s English Education Segment

This educational game, available in the Monkey Stories app on the Monkey Phonics feature. With this method, children are expected to learn while playing.

“This integrated feature complies with international standards, making it easier for children to read English fluently. Uniquely, through this feature, children can know how to pronounce each word with the correct spelling, even though the words are new to them,” said Dao Xuan Hoang, CEO of Early Start Joint Stock Company.

Plus, Monkey Stories offers a very diverse theme, and is closely related to everyday life. The goal is for children to understand vocabulary that is more often heard or easier first.

With the theme “Interactive Stories & Games for Kids”. This application, which can be found on the Play Store and App Store, brings a method of listening to or reading illustrated stories (comic books). The content has been packaged with different themes and levels and is adjusted to the age and ability of the child or user.

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With this method, users can follow the learning with the level and speed of the appropriate lesson. Primarily, children will be taught to comprehensively develop four English skills, namely reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


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