DIGITALStartup Vidy Expands Business in Cryptocurrency

Vidy, a blockchain-based decentralized video ad network startup, launched a crypto asset feature called VidyCoin. Users can get VidyCoin prizes when playing video advertisements on the Vidy platform.

“We emphasize technology on data and how users can benefit from the power of that data. So, while watching videos and browsing , every user has the opportunity to increase their income directly from home, ”explained Vidy founder and CEO Patrick Colangelo.

Patrick added, VidyCoin can be used to buy goods on the Vidy network, publish advertisements, or access premium content.

VidyCoin was adapted into a two token ecosystem, namely VIDY and VIDYX. VIDY tokens are based on Ethereum while VIDYX uses TRON.

“Users also do not have to face gradual increases in gas costs during transactions or wait a long time when withdrawing tokens,” said Patrick.

In the future, VidyCoin is optimistic that it can attract a larger audience to develop crypto assets by making it easier for users to collect prizes when watching videos and turning VidyCoin into cash on crypto exchanges.

Patrick said, to build a wider range of VidyCoin, Vidy also plans to launch a Reward City

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