Encouraging the Growth of Womenpreneurs, Dusdusan Appoints Ellies Kiswoto as CEO

PT Dusdusan Dotcom Indonesia (Dusdusan) as a reseller community platform has recently updated its management structure. Ellies Kiswoto was appointed CEO replacing Christian Kustedi. Ellies is known as the Co-Founder of household product brands Greenleaf, Technoplast, and Hawaii.

Ellies also serves as Chairperson of the Pekertindo Association (Indonesian Household Needs Entrepreneurs Association) and an Asensi (Indonesian Licensing Association) administrator. With Ellies’ appointment, Dusdusan wants to support the growth of the womenpreneur ecosystem in Indonesia.

“There is no more appropriate figure to hold Dusdusan’s leadership relay than Ellies. Since 2015, Ellies has been an important part of Dusdusan’s growth. Now is the time for him to hold the captain in front, “said Christian Kustedi in his report.

Ellies himself is not a stranger to Dusdusan and his reseller community. All this time he had been working behind the scenes from the first day Dusdusan was founded. The three Dusdusan Founders also currently
play roles in C-Suite. Ellies holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Christian Kustedi as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Fadjar Indra as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“I hope to build Dusdusan as a good home for its resellers . We want to grow together and improve the lives of each one from home. As a mother, I also have a moral responsibility to speak out that we Indonesian women can become strong and advanced women, ”said Ellies in her report.

This change in leadership structure is also the first step in implementing Dusdusan’s new strategy. The company is strengthening its position as a reseller platform that focuses on household products and empowering women, especially housewives.

“We want to encourage the growth of new womenpreneurs in Indonesia. As a platform, Dusdusan provides an infrastructure that makes it easier for resellers to develop their business and skills, so that they become local heroes , “concluded Ellies.

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