Growpal Startup Company, Fish Cultivators with Lenders

P9IS – Growpal , Export commodities in the marine fisheries sector in Indonesia continue to increase. However, the need for these commodities has not been fulfilled. This is due to the limited access of fish farmers to investment funds. generally, they do not have anything that can be pledged to increase funds by borrowing funds.

Youth from Surabaya Paundra Noorbaskoro and Ahmad rizky Akbar answered the concerns of fish farmers. They created a startup company engaged in channeling funding in the fisheries sector called Growpal. Startup Growpal will bring together business actors through a platform.
Get to know Growpal Company

PT. SAY Grow Indonesia or Growpal is a financial startup company engaged in the fisheries sector. Growpal is a crowdsourcing company that brings together fisheries business actors, financiers, and consumers through a platform.

fish farmers who have good cultivation skills, but do not have sufficient capital to increase their production. While the owners of capital have more funds but do not understand the business in the fisheries agribusiness sector. So, with the presence of the Growpal company, synergies are realized between capital owners, fish farmers and agropreneurs. thus, both are able to cover the shortfall and generate more profit.

This digital platform, which has been active since 2017, directly involves consumers. Through the agribusiness chain, consumers do not need a long process to receive the harvest.


How Growpal Company works

Growpal works through an integrated website that can be accessed via the link Through the website, the owners of capital can provide funding. Investors can also monitor the distribution of the funds they invest.

Through this platform, capital owners can also check products and check all ongoing and funded project processes. Capital owners can also monitor the current state of the projects being worked on. Starting from the preparation of cultivation to harvest.

The new Growpal will provide profit sharing for related parties during the harvest period. Growpal companies will get 10% of the profit, fish farmers will get 35%, and capital owners will get 55%. For more details, it will be discussed through a work contract when the cooperation has been established.


Growpal Company Advantages

There are several advantages that you can get when you join a Growpal company. Companies engaged in this financial sector, will channel funding by providing promising benefits in the fisheries and marine sector. Here are 3 advantages of Growpal company:

  1. Financial funding with effective ROI up to 24% per year
  2. Various reports, transparency, and asset valuation carried out by the company professionally
  3. Growpal company will empower Indonesia’s food security business. Especially in micro fisheries, fish farming, and increasing national fishery production.
    How to Join a Growpal Company as a Lender
    You can join Growpal company as a financier very easy. You only need to prepare documents in the form of an ID card (Kartu Tanda Sipil) and NPWP (not mandatory but recommended).
    To become a financier of various fishery products on Growpal, you need to create an account first. Here are the steps:
  4. Open the Growpal platform at and select the ‘login/register’ menu
  5. You can ‘sign in’ using your Facebook, Google or Email account.
  6. Then, complete your personal data and enter your photo.
  7. Your account is ready for funding.
    How to Fund on Growpal
    After creating an account, before making funding, top up your GrowPay balance. On the profile page, select the ‘add funds’ menu. Here are the steps for funding at Growpal.
  8. Log in or register on the account you have
  9. On the Homepage there will be a wide selection of commodities and returns or return on investment (ROI), choose the funding product you want and it is available. The amount of ROI or profit that you will receive depends on the risk, the results of the due diligence, and the calculation of each commodity.
  10. Write down the amount of funding and transfer funds using GrowPay, bank transfer, or virtual account.
  11. Finally, monitor the project on the Growpal platform dashboard.
    Lenders can take profit sharing at the time of harvest each cycle. To disburse funds, namely through a digital wallet or GrowPay. You can take the entire capital and the proceeds for it or continue the capital for the next period. To withdraw funds, select the ‘withdraw funds’ menu then fill in the details about your account. the company will process within 1×24 hours during working days.
  12. How to Join Growpal


As a Farmer Partner

How to join as a farmer partner in Growpal requires various files and stages that must be passed. To register, first, you need to fill out the registration form along with the attachments. You can download this form via the Growpal website.

Second, complete the documents that have been determined by Growpal. Such as ID cards, marriage certificates, family cards, company certificates, NPWP, and so on. You can see more on the Growpal website.

Third, prospective partners must make a business proposal accompanied by a business analysis. Proposals are sent in a free and flexible format. If you need a proposal template, you can download it on the Growpal website.

Finally, the delivery of documents to the Growpal company can be via electronic mail or post. You can check your email address or company on the Growpal website.

The files that enter the Growpal company, will go through various stages to get funding. After the file registration is done, the company will conduct a review. After that, enter the due diligence and credit scoring.


After passing, it will proceed to the negotiation of the business plan and the signing of the agreement. After that the opening of crownfunding and finally the process of distributing funds.
There are two types of funding provided by Growpal companies. Namely venture capital funding and invoice funding.

  1. Business capital funding
    Business capital funding is funding provided to partners for operational costs and assets as business capital. Covers needs related to the production of aquaculture, trading and fish processing.
  2. Invoice funding
    Invoice funding is funding provided by the Growpal company to businesses who need a flow of funds to buy the next item. Businesses need the flow of funds because they are hindered by invoices for payment of goods from buyers in a long time.
    The Growpal company will help by paying the invoice in advance with a profit sharing scheme after it has been paid. In accordance with the agreed agreement, the businessman must pay Growpal after the invoice has been paid.
  3. Growpal technology and features
    As a digital company, Growpal has technology with various features available. Growpal has a website-based application known as Web Apps (PWA).
    PWA is an android or IOS application based on a website. The difference is, PWA is lighter, faster, and doesn’t require updating like other applications. There are several features available, such as the risk analysis feature and the GrowPay feature.
    The risk analysis feature is a derivative of credit scoring. Growpal company ‘credit scoring’ is used for due diligence. Through credit scoring, Growpal conducts analysis based on production risk, market risk, and the character of fish farmers using the 5C principle.
    The final results will be written in three categories, namely low risk, medium risk, and high risk. By using the risk analysis feature, investors can find out a picture of the risk of certain product funding.
    The GrowPay feature is a digital wallet feature. This wallet serves to accommodate funds either to deposit funds or receive profits.

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