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P9IS – Happy Fresh Startup , Advances in technology are now increasingly advanced in all fields. Many people are starting to use online technology a lot to support their daily activities. One of the technologies in business is the presence of the HappyFresh application.

You can imagine if you shop at traditional markets or come directly to supermarkets and others, it will drain a lot of energy, cost and time, of course, it is also very tiring. However, all of that has now been resolved with the presence of technology.

With the development of the times and the increasing mobility of people, one of the activities such as shopping for household needs is getting less attention. So that people start implementing online delivery patterns and also eat out.

The existence of a pattern like this does look very wasteful. In fact, you can provide various basic grocery items and cook them yourself at home so you can save on your budget. The presence of HappyFresh is very helpful in this regard.

HappyFresh is one of the pioneers of delivery services for various home needs spread across Southeast Asia. This startup delivers various household needs from various shops and supermarkets in big cities. So HappyFresh is ready to serve all your needs from all the most complete supermarkets you can trust.

Happy Fresh

The Leader of Online Supermarkets in Asia

HappyFresh is an online supermarket startup in several countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This startup started launching in 2015 and collaborates with 278 supermarkets and shops.

These places use the platform as well as the delivery service from HappyFresh which offers to shop various basic necessities online. This company has also provided more than 10,000 kinds of products through its applications and has been downloaded about 1.5 million times by the wider community.

Easy Scaling When Demand Increases

This HappyFresh startup was born on the Amazon Web Services Cloud or AWS. In this case, the strategy used in terms of infrastructure is to outsource to all cloud providers. Judging from the location, data center services and location, AWS is highly trusted as the best cloud provider.

Help Prevent Fraud

The availability of AWS also makes HappyFresh startup able to protect its platform from various kinds of fraud in buying and selling. When a transaction occurs on this platform, it will generate a message that can be directly captured by Amazon SNS. This is processed using AWS Lambda and then forwarded to the fraud detection company.

Personalized Ready-To-Go Service

This HappyFresh startup has also allocated all of its teams to focus on personalized services by using AWS services. With this, customers will not lose their valuable time when searching for products. All of this clickstream data will be collected in Amazon S3.

Furthermore, AWS will directly extract and process the data for analysis of customer spending patterns. With this, you can ensure that customers will be able to see the products they want to buy and at the same time will get very relevant promotions.

Happy Fresh

Machine Learning Speed ​​Development

This startup business is currently anticipating the demands of customers who want to use Machine Learning or ML through Amazon SageMaker. The existence of AS will immediately automate the ML workflow and also optimize hyper-parameters. So for this great thing from AWS it will be able to increase the speed of development without the need for additional resources.

Advantages of Using the HappyFresh Application

Online vegetable shopping is now booming and spreading. But from spreading this activity, sometimes you also still ask whether this online vegetable shopping can be guaranteed quality? And what are the advantages or conveniences that can be obtained from shopping for these daily necessities online. So there are many benefits that this HappyFresh app provides to all of you.

The following are some of the benefits that Happyfresh startup provides for the wider community, namely:

  1. Energy Saving

With this application, of course, you no longer need to come to the supermarket or mall and are tired of looking for various necessities because you have to go around a very large store area. Not to mention if you imagine having to wait at the cashier queue to pay for groceries. Of course this is very exhausting and tiring. So by using HappyFresh then you don’t have to do this anymore.

The existence of the HappyFresh grocery application will certainly make it easier for you to shop for daily necessities easily and practically. Moreover, online shopping like this can be done anywhere and anytime.

  1. Save Time

It doesn’t take long if you want to shop a lot

Required materials. It can be estimated that it only takes 60 minutes to shop for all the desired items. The existence of time like this is certainly shorter than having to go around the supermarket or mall, not to mention if you are stuck in traffic and in long queues.

  1. Save Cost

Doing online shopping like this will certainly also save costs. At least you don’t have to waste fuel to be able to go to the mall or supermarket in the middle of a city traffic jam.

Happy Fresh
  1. Experienced Personal Shopper

All the groceries that you have ordered in this application come from supermarkets that have collaborated with startup HappyFresh. In this case, there are several supermarkets or shops that collaborate with this startup including Farmers Market, LotteMart, Superindo, LOKA and Carrefour and many others. So you don’t have to worry because you can still shop at your favorite supermarket, only the shopping system is different.

  1. Price Update

Of all the product items offered, the price will always be updated. So through HappyFresh, you can immediately compare the prices of various goods with various brands very easily, without making you have to go around here and there.

  1. Competitive Price of Goods

Please note that all the goods available at HappyFresh are also not less competitive with the prices of goods in supermarkets. For example, if the price for paprika at Superindo is around Rp. 10,000 per kilogram, then the price at HappyFresh is exactly the same as the previous price.

  1. Controlled Shopping

Every item that has been added to the grocery item, its value will be accumulated directly in the HappyFresh feature. In this case, you can control your monthly finances when you want to shop online and can also directly reduce various products that are considered unnecessary so that there is no overbudget.

  1. Shop at the Trusted HappyFresh

HappyFresh has a trusted personal shopper to be able to pick up ordered items directly at the supermarket. Furthermore, these grocery items will be directly delivered by highly trained couriers. So the quality of the ordered goods is very well maintained because it is guaranteed that this grocery will directly reach your hands.

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This is the HappyFresh startup business which is now starting to spread among the public. The existence of this application is very helpful for those of you who want to be more efficient in everything.


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