How Google Meets the Needs of the World of Education – Google notes that more than 170 million students and teachers worldwide use its products throughout 2020. This is the impact of the adaptation of a new way of schooling because the pandemic requires students and teachers to do activities from home.

Products such as Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Spreadsheets are a number of products that are certainly familiar to use in the world of education in the last year. All of these products are encapsulated in G Suite for Education which has now been updated to Google Workspace for Education .

“We understand the need for learning, teaching, communicating and sharing that is available in one place and easily accessible from anywhere via any device. Google Workspace for Education will be available in four different editions to meet the needs from pre-kindergarten to doctoral level, “wrote a Google representative in an official release

Google provides many free features of their products. And, the free edition of their product will be collected in the Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals.

Meanwhile, the paid edition is intended for institutions with a stronger need for security protection and who wish to develop existing teaching and learning tools. Google provides Google Workspace for Education Standard, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Google Workspace for Education Plus .

All three are enhancements to all the features of the Education Fundamentals to meet a number of specific needs. For example, for Education for Standard there will be stronger protection and more complete control over advanced management for mobile devices. So it is not only convenient, online learning is also safer.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade is above the Education Fundamentals and Education Standard . This edition enables advanced video communication on Google Meet. In addition, there are various features that enrich the experience in Google Classroom as well as tools for maintaining academic integrity with the authenticity report feature.

Meanwhile, Education Plus , previously known as G Suite Enterprise for Education, will enhance the features available in the previous three editions. Education Plus is the top edition providing a complete solution with security, analytics, and other advanced capabilities.

Education Fundamentals and Education Plus are now available and can be used. However, users will have to wait until April 14 for the Education Standard and Teaching and Learning Upgrade. For institutions that have purchased G Suite Enterprise for Education or what is currently known as Education Plus , in the admin console, you will automatically get all the features of Education Plus

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