Increase Business Profits in the Digital Age

UQWO – Business Profits, In this era of digital transformation, it has created new challenges to open up business opportunities with new technologies. Today, advanced technology is also increasingly accessible to a wider audience. In the past, only large companies had access to the latest technological developments.

But now digital technology is accessible to businesses of all sizes. Digital culture thrives on this accessibility, which allows it to bring many advantages across all business functions. Digital transformation for the business world is a deep transformation of business activities, competencies, and business models to take advantage of digital technology opportunities.

So, at this time digital marketing for business people is not a foreign thing. Instead, it becomes a strategy that must be used because it is very efficient, cheap, and viral. So that it makes a lot of customers, a lot of turnovers to increase business profits.

How to Increase Business Profits in the Digital Age

Digitization has changed the business unit or organizational approach to business. This concept is about how an organization uses technology and resources to change business processes and performance.

One of the advantages of digital transformation is that it can be measured by profit margins or profitability. So when profits increase, companies have more resources available to implement changes that can increase efficiency and productivity.

Increase Business Profits

Get to know the product

In order to get a profitable business profit, it is necessary to recognize the product, be it goods or services from the business that will be run. Not only knowing the advantages of the product you are selling, recognizing this product can also be done by finding out why customers buy the products that are being sold and not because of the price. Note that businesses do not compete with competitors because of price.


After getting to know the product, then determine the people who are the target market and have the potential to buy the product being sold. For example, if the product being sold is a helmet, then the target market is people who have motorized vehicles.

Then you can take advantage of the motorized vehicle community on Facebook to get the appropriate target market. Do not let the appropriate market and product be irrelevant, because this will not increase business profits.

Social Media

One of the platforms that can be used to market or sell business products is social media. There are so many people who have used social media only personally, not for business, even though here it has the potential to increase business profits.

This social media can be used for free and easily. Through Facebook, you can take advantage of the status feature for free so that people can directly comment and even want to buy the products offered. Through Instagram, by posting relevant statuses and videos by attracting many target interests to become customers.

Through YouTube, by making educational videos related to the products being sold. It should be noted, in the use of social media, you must create content that is interesting and on target.

On selected social media to promote business, make social media exclusive discounts. Create a sensation on social media by providing flash offers and limited time or limited quantity offers. You can also use a promotional code.

Increase Business Profits

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is the use of e-mail in marketing efforts to promote a product so as to get a lot of customers in order to increase business profits. By maximizing E-mail marketing tools, creating an E-mail list that is suitable for the target market, optimizing E-mail delivery, and creating interesting content, will increase business profits.


In branding business products, you can take advantage of the website. So this website is an online home business, which can be opened 24 hours.

Therefore, it is very important to build a website, here you can display the profile of the business so that the business you run looks more professional for the target market. Also explain the products being sold in detail with clear specifications, including relevant videos, reviews, testimonials, how to buy up to the price of the product being sold.

Digital Advertising

Advertising is a way to promote a business, but nowadays advertising can also be done digitally. These ads are not limited to one platform. When creating ads for one particular media platform, you can also customize it to show on other platforms.

Advertising creates a natural means for customers to convert. Ads can allow audiences to quickly fill out contact and subscription forms or can direct audiences to a business’ site or store. However, using digital advertising certainly

requires no small amount of money. So make sure to adjust to the budget.

Data Analysis

Effectively, companies that use big data can generate higher revenues. In addition, it can also develop more original ideas and competencies. So, it is not only enough to have data, but also need to use it effectively to make the right decisions. Many businesses have large amounts of data that also has great potential for use in reducing costs or increasing customers.

So it is important to understand the effect of this information and its effect on business profits.
For example, not a few people do Facebook Ads ads but don’t understand how to read the data.

These business actors do not understand CTR (Clock Through Rate), link click CTR, even though by understanding this they can find out where the error has been made. Getting the right information means understanding which data is relevant to a company’s decision-making process.

Increase Business Profits

Content Strategy

In an effort to use digital as a marketing strategy, the content presented must attract customer interest. There are several strategies that need to be considered in order for content to be successful in increasing business profits.

In making photos and videos, you can take advantage of natural light with a relevant background, the delivery of messages on any platform must be conveyed clearly and in detail, in conveying the message must also make customers move to buy.

Can convey messages in the form of stories, and convey so that people understand. If you promote by telling a story through writing, then make a story with a trace. Don’t be too monotonous and still show the value of why this business product is different from the others.

Traffic Strategy

In increasing sales and visitors who enter the business, it is necessary to pay attention to traffic strategies. In increasing this traffic can be done by using endorsement services.

This endorsement service usually involves someone who is influential in the public by having many followers, so that they can attract potential consumers.

There are several things that need to be considered in using this endorsement service, namely the account name, number of followers, average likes, photo fees, and video fees. Pay attention to the feedback you get, if it’s good, you can continue to use endorsement services.

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    Customer Segmentation

    Segmentation is done to enable companies to target customers with better matching precision and accuracy. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more specific and unique customer segmentation. For example, by segmenting customers based on their purchasing power, taste, place of residence, and perhaps based on their consumption behavior.

    Keep in mind that digital transformation is not an easy process. After doing several ways to increase the profile of this business, it is necessary to evaluate the opportunities, requirements, and resources to prioritize their efforts to achieve achievable goals.

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