Investree Prepares SME Financing Solutions – Players financial technology (fintech) lending, Investree have prepared a number of strategies to promote the growth of their business this year. One of these strategies is to provide financing solutions from upstream to downstream for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The strategy, which is called Beyond Lending , is an Investree initiative to become a one-stop solution platform for UKM players. Investree has partnered with a number of partners to supply the needs of SME players from upstream to downstream with financing products from Investree.

“The needs of SMEs are not only limited to the aspect of financing, but also the efficiency of business processes. For example, the results of Daya Qarsa’s analysis show that most SMEs are still running their business manually. Therefore, we collaborate with other solution providers to provide an integrated solution so that SMEs can easily and efficiently run their business, “said Investree Co-Founder & CEO Adrian Gunadi

For that, Investree collaborated with Billte from Switzerland, OY! Indonesia,,, and AIForesee.

Investree’s collaboration with Billte allows SMEs to gain access to financing through the provision of an electronic invoice system (e-invoicing) . The Billtree feature allows businesses to access electronic invoices so that businesses can run more efficiently, transparently and quickly.

Investree also provides opportunities for SMEs to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in running their business. Investree collaborates with an innovative credit score company, AIForesee , to provide alternative data and technology utilization solutions for SMEs.

“This is part of our efforts to become a visionary company, continuing to provide innovations that are able to answer challenges in the future. By starting to apply AI, we support the transformation of business productivity not only for Investree but also for all supporting elements of the fintech industry , ”said Adrian.

Not only that, Investree also collaborates with supply chain providers, such as and

Investree International Expansion Mission

Collaboration with local partners is believed by Investree to pave their way for international expansion. Even though it has been present in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines, Investree is still working to strengthen its presence throughout the Southeast Asia region.

In the Philippines, Investree successfully secured a license from the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate an SME crowdfunding platform in the Philippines in mid-January. In collaboration with Filinvest Development Corp., this inauguration marks the first licensing issue for a company in the Philippines since the SEC released new implementing rules and regulations in 2019.

Meanwhile, Investree’s expansion in Thailand is in the process of obtaining full permission from the Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission. However, Investree Thailand has started operating by partnering with an e-procurement platform and B2B marketplace (Pantavanij), and a payment gateway company (2C2P).

“For international expansion, Investree still relies on collaboration with local partners in the form of companies with high reputations as the main strategy. This is also so that the benefits of Investree can be more easily accessed by people in the countries concerned, “concluded Adrian.

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