Jabra PanaCast 20 Responds to Hybrid Working Trends

bisnisumkmonline.com – The Hybrid Working method is expected to become a trend in 2022. Based on a McKinsey survey, 52% of workers choose to do hybrid working . For this reason, each company needs to adapt and provide facilities that support the changing work ecosystem. Trying to fulfill this, Jabra presents PanaCast 20, a premium video conferencing device that can support companies’ needs in adjusting to hybrid working trends .

For companies, hybrid working has many benefits for workers, including avoiding busy commuting time to work at certain hours and reducing daily expenses. On the other hand, this trend also needs to be supported by a system that is able to increase work effectiveness and productivity, one of which is the use of technological devices.

Louis Sudarso, Business Development Manager of VDO Jabra Indonesia explained that PanaCast 20 is a technology tool designed to help users be more productive and flexible in the dynamics of working in a hybrid way . Jabra presents this premium video conferencing device to support companies’ needs in adjusting to hybrid working trends that can be used when working individually, in groups, from the office or anywhere.

“This device is designed to meet the modern hybrid working environment and features a portable design, so it can be used when working individually, in groups, from the office or anywhere,” said Louis through a press release.

The PanaCast 20 is a plug and play device with a powerful processor that can be used on any monitor using the built-in clip. The device includes an onboard AI -based 13MP camera that can adjust frames to the user’s movements in real-time and produce 4K UltraHD output .

Not only a variety of advanced features , PanaCast 20 also has a number of modes that make it easier for users. One of them is Picture in Picture Mode , this mode is able to display a second video stream on the screen that is integrated with the main display. This mode works with Unified Communications (UC Platform) platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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    “In addition to the Jabra PanaCast 20 can be used with all types of leading UC platforms, this product also allows personal camera users to combine devices with other Jabra audio such as the Jabra Evolve2 75 and Speak 750 headphones,” said Louis.

    Building on its commitment to giving people more access to hear and do more, Jabra designed PanaCast 20 as a technology tool that can better support remote virtual meetings . The hope, PanaCast 20 can create comfort when working in remote settings though.

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