Kao Indonesia Runs “KAO Children” Program

Kao in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia conducted joint education regarding Clean and Healthy Life Behavior (PHBS) and Health Protocols in an effort to support the Healthy Living Community Movement (GERMAS) and School Health Efforts that attended through the Optimistic Active Creative Children Program (KAO). This activity focuses on targeting elementary schools in the Jabodetabek area first with a target age of 6 -12 years.

Jeniagusliono S. S, Vice President Director of PT Kao Indonesia said, guided by the Kao Global ESG Strategy, namely the Kirei Lifestyle Plan, Kao Indonesia seeks to make a real contribution to the Indonesian people through corporate citizenship activities, which in the KAO Children program focuses on current social issues. , namely cleanliness and health, especially for school-age children who are expected to play a role as agents of change for the Indonesian nation for a better direction.

“Education of Clean and Healthy Living Behavior and increasing motivation to learn for school-age children is our priority because it becomes an important basic knowledge, along with the start of face-to-face learning activities again by the government.”

He added, the 2021 KAO Children (Creative, Active, Optimistic) program aims to educate 3,000 elementary school students, and continuously encourage students to be more aware of the importance of maintaining personal and environmental hygiene through PHBS and implementing health protocols both at home and in the environment. school.

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The KAO Children’s Program is expected to be part of the adaptation to a new way of life and to motivate a positive attitude and enthusiasm for learning which is packaged in the theme of Self Esteem. The KAO Children’s Program is projected to be able to play a real role in today’s challenging health situation which greatly affects the activities of school-age children, especially with the resumption of Limited Face-to-face Learning (PTMT) in schools.

“The shared vision between Kao Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Health opens a wider way to contribute to Indonesia, where the KAO Children’s Program is in line with the goals of the GERMAS program and the School Health Efforts launched by the government. Kao Indonesia hopes that the implementation of the KAO Children’s Program can be carried out actively and happily, so that a healthy and clean living culture will grow that reflects Indonesian children who are Creative, Active and Optimistic,” added Jeniagusliono.

Collaborating with the Ministry of Health’s Clean and Healthy Behavior program and the Healthy Living Community Movement and referring to health protocols that are relevant to the current situation, the implementation of the KAO Children’s Program is carried out hybrid offline and online following each school’s schedule with educational materials including daily hygiene guidelines. -days at home and school, health protocols, and motivation to learn.

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“Kao Indonesia consistently conducts research on the actual needs of the community, so as to produce appropriate social contribution programs such as the KAO Children program. In the future, Kao Indonesia strives to continue to produce programs that are right on target, providing real benefits and helping the community to rise again from the challenging times we are currently experiencing together,” concluded Jeniagusliono.

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