Kemenparekraf Collaborates with Nine Startups to Join SXSW Online 2021

https:/// – The international creative industry event South by Southwesh Online Creative Industries Exhibition 2021 (SXSW) is no stranger to creative industry players. 

The event, which is usually held in the United States, has been a promotional event for creative industry products in Indonesia for the last five years. This year, SXSW 2021 will be conducted online considering that the world is still hit by a pandemic.

The holding of SXSW 2021 online is read as a great opportunity by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf). Indonesia can send more representatives, which means that opportunities for creative business people are even wider. In this case, Kemenparekraf encourages startups to participate in this international event.

“This opportunity should be used to open wider access to promotion for creative economy actors. 

Startups in this case have great potential to meet industry players from other countries, expand the market, and learn further for business development, “said Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Minister of Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

In encouraging this participation, Kemenparekraf launched the Archipelageek program in the form of a homepage. Previously, this program was initiated by the Creative Economy Agency in 2017 as a form of promotion of Indonesian products at the SXSW event. 

This year, Archipelageek add to the category of startups ( startup ) to gain new market potential international scale through the theme of the program Bringing Indonesia to the World Stage .

From 2017 to 2019, Indonesia has brought 24 startups engaged in creative fields to the SXSW event. Muhammad Neil El Himam, Deputy for Digital Economy and Creative Products at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, said that 50% of these startups had the opportunity to work together and carry out a strategic partnership with the global market.

Call it Tele CTG, which has cooperation in the field of IoT health with countries in Latin America. There is also Node Flux which has received international certification and Happy5 which has succeeded in getting a strategic partner from an American company.

“Just like in previous years, the aim of this program is expected to be able to bring Indonesian startups to compete in the global market,” added Neil.

In this year’s Archipelageek program, Kemenparekraf collaborates with nine local startup companies . Among them are Aruna, BOTIKA, DreamTalent, Gringgo, IZY.AI, Octagon Studio, Privy.ID, DNETWORK, and Millealab. The nine companies were selected through the bootcamp program to train on the best business strategy formulation.

“Not only their product, the participation of Archipelageek participants this year is expected to be able to share their experiences with other startup companies in Indonesia and promote authentic Indonesian creativity,” concluded Neil.

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