Kredit Pintar Supports Young People to Be More Productive – Kredit Pintar Supports Young People to Be More Productive , To get closer to consumers and potential customers, Kredit Pintar conducts community education to improve financial literacy.

Among other things, through the #SmartTogether class . Through this activity, Kredit Pintar collaborated with guest speakers to participate and share useful tips for the participants.

Kredit Pintar is a technology-based lending and borrowing service provider platform that is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Smart Credit has been downloaded more than 10 million downloads with a consumer satisfaction rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play.

Willy Apriando, Head of Marketing for Kredit Pintar said, Kredit Pintar can not only be used for consumption, but also as a productive loan solution.

For example, online shops , small and medium enterprises (SMEs), to buying equipment to fix social media. “We can be the solution to answer these needs. Supporting young people who will become influencers ,” he said.

Kredit Pintar

Based on the We Are Social report, the number of active social media users in Indonesia was 191 million people in January 2022. This number has increased by 12.35% compared to the previous year which was 170 million people.

Meanwhile, citing data from AnyMind Research, during 2021, several countries in the Asia Pacific, such as Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand, experienced a 66% growth in the number of macro influencers or influencers with 100 thousand to 1 million followers .

Kredit Pintar

The need for social media talents is predicted to continue in the next few years. The trend of the emergence of influencers, content creators , key opinion leaders (KOL) who are competing in terms of creativity in presenting content will continue.

According to Diego Christian, an influencer and Founder of KOL Aru Palaka Management, many brands are currently working with influencers through social media. The reason is, the market sees a person’s character from his social media.

As a young person who has succeeded in building a business in the creative industry, it is certainly not an easy matter for Diego to manage finances. For this reason, he really appreciates the existence of a financial technology platform such as Kredit Pintar.

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“Platforms such as Kredit Pintar are very helpful in my field, namely to get access to funding to buy tools, such as cameras, and others.

This platform can make it easier for those of us who do not have any capital at all, but already have a clear goal, can use this application.

This platform is already the right solution because apart from being safe, it is also widely known by many people,” said Diego.

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