Rebranding, Wise Services Not Only Transferring Money – TransferWise announced a name change to Wise. CEO and Co-Founder Wise Kristo Kaarmann said, this name change shows the development of their service.

At the beginning of its existence ten years ago, Wise was present as a money transfer platform. However, now Wise has grown and built a payment network between countries. That is what then inspired TransferWise’s rebranding to become Wise.

“Our name refers to what we have built for our consumers. Currently, our services cover more than money transfer services, consumers can still use Wise as a service that is faster, cheaper, and more convenient, ”said Kristo.

Apart from rebranding , Wise still has the same mission, which is to provide unlimited financial services. Prior to announcing the name change, Wise at the end of last year announced the launch of a low-cost and fast overseas money transfer service from Indonesia.

This service can make it easier for Indonesians to make transfers to 80 countries in the world, such as Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

“We want to set a new standard in international transactions for all of our consumers in Indonesia. So, consumers can enjoy fast and cheap money transfer services, as easy as sending an email, “said Elian Ciptono, Head of Indonesia Expansion Wise.

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