Rukita Acquires and Relives – Rukita , As a long-term residential rental provider company in Indonesia, Rukita is strengthening its position in the midst of competition from prop-tech industry players. One of the efforts made by the company is through Rukita’s acquisition of Here, Rukita has brought back to the public since February 2022.

Seeing its journey, is the first boarding house search site in Indonesia that has been present since 2011. Previously, was under the auspices of GDP Venture, a financing company belonging to the Djarum Group, until finally announcing the closure and termination of’s operations in December 31, 2020.

Now, Rukita has officially acquired and has revived the company with several changes to its website appearance. is ready to offer more than one million rooms in the property listings and serve 50,000 boarding house owners .

“With this acquisition, we can serve more consumers and property owners throughout Indonesia. This is one of a series of business expansions that Rukita will undertake in 2022,” said Xu-Zonne Ho, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Rukita in a written release.


Xu explained that convenience, comfort, and safety are the main factors for millennials in determining the best choice when searching for a boarding house. These values ​​are then packaged by the company into a competitive advantage from

As a company that prioritizes technological innovation, Rukita will present a series of fresh changes to the website. This will provide convenience for consumers so that it will automatically encourage the business development of partners or boarding house owners who partner with

“In the future, we will continue to develop the latest innovations and features at,” explained Xu.


Talking about Rukita’s business, the company shows very significant and aggressive business growth. In less than three years, Rukita has a total of 13 million website users since its first launch in mid-2019.

Starting with property management services through Brand Rukita, then adding to the expansion of its services through RuOptions, a property marketing service. A series of innovations through the Rukita Application, Rumanage Application, Rukita Mods, and other innovations were launched aggressively in 2021.

Not to forget, Rukita also cooperates with dozens of brands as partners in presenting a series of Tenant Benefits for its consumers. And now, Rukita is strengthening its property listings through additional services through the acquisition of Rukita, which initially focused on Co-living, has now shifted to asserting its position as a Long-Term Residential Rental Provider, through acquisitions and massive expansion plans carried out throughout 2022.

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On the other hand, Rukita continues to strengthen its position after previously successfully attracting investors who are members of Surge (Acceleration program from Sequoia Capital India). Sequoia officially launched its sixth cohort (Surge 06). This program was attended by 20 startup companies (one of them is Rukita) with a total funding of US$ 60 million from Surge and its co-investors.

“Rukita has expertise in property management and the use of technology to create a better lifestyle for urbanites in Indonesia. With the spirit of innovation that answers the needs of millennials, we are ready to solidify our position in this industry,” concluded Xu.

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