How to Succeed in Sasa Gaining Gen Z Market with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

The Hallyu Wave or the spread of Korean Pop culture has taken over the world since 1992. Looking at its journey, K-Pop has started to enter Indonesia since the 2000s with interesting dramas that aired on TV, then the music began to spread in 2011 has succeeded breaking down the language barrier and attracting the attention of fans in various regions.

With this spread, now many companies are competing to take advantage of the momentum of the spread of K-Pop in Indonesia by attracting a number of well-known celebrities from South Korea to make them the face of certain brands . As Sasa did by cooperating with Choi Siwon as a brand ambassador .

This was discussed further by Adlin Noor Syarif as Sasa Inti’s Senior Digital Strategist Partner, who had collaborated with Super Junior’s Choi Siwon as the face of Sasa, . Adlin stated, Sasa has conducted research for the past three years on the interest of Gen Z and millennials in the spread of the Korean wave . Therefore, Sasa, who initially had loyal customers aged 40 years and over, also ventured to jump in and use K-Pop marketing in order to expand its market segmentation to the realm of Gen Z and millennials.

The reason for choosing K-Pop as Sasa ‘s marketing channel is because Indonesia is one of the largest markets for the spread of Korean culture. For example, followers of Super Junior’s official Twitter account are dominated by Indonesians with a percentage of 27% with an average age of 18-24 years. Also, according to the search for keywords “Choi Siwon” who is a member of Super Junior and has become the face of Sasa, there were 13,660 keywords that were searched over the past year.


On the other hand, K-Pop has a large and very strong fandom or militant fan base. “They are extremely militant, so they don’t have to have a brand approach. When certain brands use South Korean artists as brand ambassadors , those fans will come and attack by themselves,” said Adlin.

With the high enthusiasm of K-Pop in Indonesia, Adlin revealed that K-Pop itself already has a strong influence so that it can build a loyal and militant fan base.

Sasa, who has the Unique, Authentic, Talkable (UAT) formula as his creative standard, believes that actor and member of the Super Junior boy band Choi Siwon has a persona that matches Sasa ‘s brand personality .

“The figure of Choi Siwon who is also a UNICEF Asia Pacific Ambassador and has carried out many humanitarian activities, is also in line with Sasa’s mission as a food company that brings happiness to everyone in a healthy and delicious way,” said Adlin.

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    Choi Siwon, who has had a career for 15 years in the K-Pop industry, has 7 million followers on his Twitter account, with 3.6 million Indonesians who are members of it. Launching the “To Live a Miraculous Life” campaign with Choi Siwon on February 24, Sasa managed to achieve 12.867 million reach in the same month with the dominance of 18-24 year olds when the campaign was released.

    “It can be concluded, collaborating with Choi Siwon can help to achieve the target that Sasa wants to penetrate the younger market. Because the fandoms who idolize Choi Siwon have responded positively to Sasa, who has worked with his idol,” concluded Adlin.

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