Social Trading, Modern Youth Investment

The world of investment is growing. In the midst of the increasing number of investment instruments that can be chosen, the public, especially the younger generation, is also continuously educated. Recently, the term social trading has been widely discussed on social media as a modern investment that the younger generation is ogling.

So, what is social trading? Social trading has become a modern form of investment made to a professional trader as an investment goal. Here, you are not investing in stocks or real estate, but a real person – a professional trader. Since the concept is person-to-person interaction, this trading is called ‘social.’

Social trading is not as complicated as regular trading because it does not require any specific financial knowledge or trading experience.

“Investors can earn profits wherever they are just by using their mobile phones. Social trading applications can save time and bring in additional income,” explained Alexandra Ivanova, PR Manager of FBS in a written report.

How does social trading work?

Investors can choose a trader based on the displayed characteristics and copy their orders with the amount according to their preference, starting from US$ 1. If the trader makes a profit, the investor will also get a profit. The amount of the investor’s profit depends on the amount invested.

For example, you invest US$ 1,000, and the trader earns 15% profit. This means you also get 15%, which is $150 for your account.

Social Trading

Traders and investors need a special platform to meet each other. One of the platforms is FBS CopyTrade, a platform from an international broker with 12 years of experience.

As a new digital phenomenon, social trading offers a variety of smart tools to manage risk and perform analysis. One of the most important features brought to FBS CopyTrade is the overall Rating. This feature contains all the metrics that represent the characteristics of a trader. So you don’t have to spend time looking for traders. The social trading app will do it for you.

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On any social trading platform, there is a team of professionals who care about their clients. They run special promos to help and encourage investors.

Regarding this special promo, every novice investor has three opportunities to invest risk-free. Then, in case of loss, the application will return the lost money.

In addition, the platform also offers a Referral Program that can unite friends and family with one common interest, in the form of investment. If the user invites friends through his private link, he will also get bonus money. Then, invited friends also get a bonus. These features are the main attraction of social trading.

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