Starting From The Seller Eggs In The Market Now Becoming A Successful Boss Wallpaper – According to data from the World Bank, Indonesia is one of the countries in Asia with the highest growth rate of 4.1 percent per year. No wonder many developments are happening all over Indonesia.

Along with the high development in Indonesia followed by the property business continues to grow from year to year. As we know the property business will never die, because property is a human need. Even the property business brings blessings and brings new business opportunities for many people namely interior room design services.

One entrepreneur who chose to go through the interior design business is Anton Rasito Adi. Jelly to see the growth of property business in Indonesia, the man who usually called Rasito is finally pursue the business of interior design services especially wallpaper walls, carpets, and parquet.

Then what is the beginning of the story of Rasito to reap success as a wallpaper entrepreneur?

Building Business From Zero

Busyness is felt by Rasito starts he woke up until bedtime again. His cell phone was unrelenting rang, whether it is from the client who will buy the product of his business or from his partners. Not to mention the busyness to control the work of employees and check out and enter the goods to be sold. Yes, that’s busy Rasito after a successful entrepreneur interior design, especially provider of goods and services installation wallpaper wall, carpet and parquet.

Before such success now, Rasito then not directly plunge as an interior design entrepreneur, first he had tasted various kinds of business. Rasito had become an egg seller in the market, had also sold the produce he supplies to the traditional markets. But it turns out he never reaped success.

“Before plunging into the interior business I had opened a trading business, what I do, such as delivery of goods to the markets, have also sold the produce, I also never sell eggs, nah finally deh start to step into trading for the interior,”

After trying various kinds of business, falling awake in doing business. Finally in 2000 Rasito succeeded in DGA Interior, a business that moves for the interior design needs of homes, offices, hotels, residences, and villas, the result of savings from previous businesses.

“To be honest, I pioneered this business from scratch. Even really not knowing about this business. But because I like new things, I continue this business, and ketejulah road, “Rasito story.

Starting From The Seller Eggs In The Market Now Becoming A Successful Boss Wallpaper When starting his business, not necessarily smooth just like, grief and falling in the pioneering effort even had time to feel Rasito. Starting offering door to door products, not infrequently also rejected by many customers, not to mention at that time wallpaper and materials for the interior is still rarely demand. Unpleasant experience had he felt, one of them when he often dicomplain by the customer.

“In the early days we are often compiled. All that we’ve ever felt. If sukanya when looking at customers like the results of our work and like the design we choose, so we can adjust keinginana from vendors, “he recalled.

Business Wallpaper Promising Business Opportunities

In the year 2000 the wallpaper business is still very rare, not only its sales but its buyers. Even the wallpapaer business in Indonesia can still be counted on the fingers. At that time users wallpapper and interior design is very limited, only come from certain circles who are able to use the services of interior design.

In contrast to Rasito, he who was bored with the business of the crops he lived, finally tried his fortune to sell Wallpaper wall and all other interior needs. Because of many new things, and promising prospects, Rasito finally felt challenged and then pursue the business.


“Because the challenges are many. That’s what keeps me in this business. Why? Because we work in the field, can be around, meet people, from start to meet people of various characters and various professions. So networking it more, “said Rasito.

Over time, with the growing modernization, the wallpaper wallpaper business opportunity is very wide along with the growth of property development. The advantages of various colors, motifs and textures that can not be found on the wall paint make wallpapers more in demand by the buyers.

“For the wallpaper business is now quite crowded yes, ga like it used to be if the wallpaper was mostly from Italy, Korea, Germany and the Netherlands. Now other countries are already many, such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia. So the price is now tuh vary and very cheap yes, “said Rasito explained.

Rasito’s company, not only provides wallpapers, but a variety of materials for interior design is available there. Starting from carpets, synthetic grass, vinyl, parquet, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, roller plan and partical plan.

“But this trademark of our business is wallpaper, parquet, vinyl and carpet. It’s our flagship product, ”

For urussan price, offered by DGA Interior is quite relative and affordable. Starting from the price of Rp70.000 per one roll with the size of five meters up to 1 million rupiah.

“If the price hell all kinds if from the sell it starts from Rp70.000 per roll it 5 square meters wide, there is also a price of 1 million rupiah. The price is only for materials, if for the installation service will be added 40 to 50 thousand per roll, “said Rasito.

Take advantage of the Digital Age

Zaman is already more modern and we as a human unconsciously also automatically slowly follow the development. One proof of the development of the era that has been felt and almost took over all things in human life is, the development in the digital world, where gadgets and the Internet is inseparable from everyday life. With the internet, anyone can search for any information. The presence of gadgets also facilitate our various activities such as interacting with others, shopping online, or ordering vehicles online.

To maintain and maintain its business in order to continue to grow in the era of modernization. Rasito also use – the online directory of the largest online business and most complete in Indonesia. Rasito never used digital marketing before. But on the recommendation of his friend to use digital marketing, Rasito then anchored his choice on – known as the business directory and trade no.1 in Indonesia.

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“I have never used digital marketing before. Then later I recommended friends to use the services -. Because now it’s a digital era so I have to keep up with the times when my business does not want to die, “said Rasito enthusiastically.

– as a market place for business to business actors, not only help increase turnover but also actively assist business partners for the development of business.

“What I like from – is actively helping me in terms of providing advice and input, is also very helpful for the development of my business,” said Rasito

Until now DGA Interior has been calculated for one and a half years using services -. Since joining – according to Rasito a lot of changes that he felt.

“Very helpful to promote my business, if we had to go to the buyer first, if now buyers are looking for us. In addition, if we go to prospective buyers just to some places, if now almost all of Indonesia know us, “said Rasito , Now DGA Interior is not only known in the area of ​​Jakarta alone has even been targeting the entire market of Indonesia Starting From The Seller Eggs In The Market Now Becoming A Successful Boss Wallpaper

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