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P9 – Startup IndonesiaX , instigated Learning Online , In the era of digital as it is today, online learning increasingly popular. Not only the school system online only. But also various other forms such as courses and tutoring. Startup IndonesiaX is one of the online education platform that can be glimpsed for online learning.

IndonesiaX is a platform for education that offers a variety of online courses for free. Online education startup itself has a Massive Open Online Courses system so that it can be followed by the public openly. Made online making all IndonesiaX course not only can be followed by anyone. But also can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Facilitate Once, Not?

But not only the ease of startup IndonesiaX. As mentioned above, the course can be followed IndonesiaX platform for free. Each user can follow the learning in each course without a headache thinking about the cost.

Although free, the quality and quantity of courses in IndonesiaX no doubt. IndonesiaX already working with a series of companies, agencies, and even faculty from top universities. Course types available in IndonesiaX also vary. Starting from a course in the category of Business Management, Communication, Law, until the Computer Science.

Users only need to adjust just learning course that will be followed with interest, needs, to talent. Cool!

Free courses, learning materials with a variety of topics and categories as well as lecturers from universities, institutions, until reputed companies became some of the benefits of IndonesiaX. As well as differentiate with a series of other online education startup in Indonesia.

But his lead was not all. IndonesiaX provide an official certificate of competency for each member who completed the study in the course. The certificate is valid from IndonesiaX signed by partner agencies as well as the President & CEO IndonesiaX Lucyanna Pandjaitan and Prof. Gather Ir. Mohammad Nuh, DEA.

The more curious about the online course from startup IndonesiaX? Go see the reviews deepening below!

Startup IndonesiaX

What is Startup IndonesiaX ?

IndonesiaX a digital learning platform with the concept of online courses that are given for free. IndonesiaX course materials provided by competent teachers who come from prestigious universities such as the University of Indonesia (UI), University of Padjadjaran (UNPAD), to the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

In addition some course materials provided by teachers who are from companies and institutions. There emanating from BNI to BEI. Surely these teachers provide appropriate course materials their respective fields.

One giver IndonesiaX course material is Rhenald Kasali, who is Professor of Economics, University of Indonesia and founder of House changes. Rhenald Kasali provide course materials Art Start a Business that can be followed free of charge at IndonesiaX.

Another teacher there Kartajaya Hermawan, who is an expert in the field of marketing as well known as the founder together Wishnutama Kusubandio.

IndonesiaX course material in, among others:

● Business and Management
● Communication
● Computer Science
● Economic and Finance
● Energy and Earth Science
● Engineering
● Law
● Health
● Environment
● Humanities
● Social Science

When else can not free course and complete material with material from renowned teachers?

Startup IndonesiaX

Applying MOOC courses in IndonesiaX

What is a MOOC? MOOC courses with the system is that distinguishes IndonesiaX with another online education startup. MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course is a course in large-scale system that is open to anyone, and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Users IndonesiaX with MOOC system can access course materials without any restrictions. Armed only need an internet connection and also devices such as mobile phones or laptops alone!

To become a member and attend courses there are also certain requirements. All the people of various classes and ages can take a course in the category they want.

The course material is provided online IndonesiaX in the form of one-way video. Users can download instructional video courses and study materials provided. Video is also equipped with the material in the form of text with translations to help learn more deeply.

In addition to teaching materials in the form of video, IndonesiaX courses also give problems to work on. Of course with the aim of ensuring the users already understand the material given.

After that there is a final exam which is used to obtain the certificate. Users will only get a certificate when passed with a minimum percentage of 50% on the final exam.

All teaching materials, matter, until the final exam are free. But chances,

The certificate is a separate fee for administration. Certainly it is very useful to prove your competence after completing the course, huh.

Complete is not the Excellence Course from this Startup IndonesiaX? Where else can get free and official certified course material!

Startup IndonesiaX

Material and Learning at Startup Indonesiax

Still curious about the course material provided in Indonesiax?

IndonesiaX provides teaching material in the form of a video. Users can later watch videos streamed and by downloading the video first. In addition, users can also download teaching video transcripts if it is easier to understand the material and learning with the reading method.

Even though videos can be downloaded for free but Indonesia prohibits spreading and uploading teaching materials given!

Well if you understand the teaching material and the questions given, then users can take the final exam. After that, the course will be archived.

Users will still be able to repeat the material, questions, and follow the final exam for the completed and archived courses. It’s just that the percentage of archived courses cannot be used to get a certificate. If you want to get a certificate, it must repeat the same course in the next period.

Other learning systems on the Startup IndonesiaX platform are instructor-paced. Unlike other courses, the material for instructor-paced is given in a certain period of time. For example the material is given weekly, day hose, or even certain days.

Questions and exams for courses with this learning system also have deadlines. So users will only be able to work on the final questions and exams at that time. In addition, you have to wait in the next period.

Another advantage of the learning system in Indonesiax which is different from other online education startups is that users can follow more than one course. Also also courses from different categories.

Startup IndonesiaX

For example, you want to take courses in the Business and Management category as well as Economic and Finance. No need to wait for one of the material to be resolved first to be able to take another course.

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    Register in the Indonesian application

    To register as a member of Indonesia is very easy. Startup IndonesiaX already has an official application for Android and iOS users.

    After downloading the IndonesiaX application on the cellphone, register as a member. Don’t forget to verify the account via the link sent in the email. Then just choose the course category and class you want to follow.

    The IndonesiaX application is also easy to use with the user friendly interface. No need to fear confusion when using the application.

    So, already ready to join and get knowledge with new sciences in Indonesiax?

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