TaniHub Group Successfully Grows 600%

2020 has been a year of positive achievements for the TaniHub Group. TaniHub managed to record business growth of 639% last year, when compared to the previous year. TaniHub claims to be the first agritech startup in Indonesia to have GMV of up to IDR 1 trillion.

Pamitra Wineka, President of the TaniHub Group, said that there are four reasons that are the main factors in the growth of TaniHub this year. This includes market conditions, the success of encouraging digitalization among farmers, the right target for farmer funding, and the right strategy in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“2020 has its own impact for the TaniHub Group. In the midst of challenging conditions, we are still able to grow on a business scale and social impact, “he said.

In detail, Eka revealed the company’s achievements in the past one year. In terms of Gross Revenue Growth , this startup managed to increase 639% and recorded more than 1,700 SKUs registered by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, TaniHub has also helped 46,000 farmers in increasing agricultural productivity since its inception until last year.

On the other hand, the crowdfunding platform under the auspices of the TaniHub Group, TaniFund, has also funded IDR 89.22 billion last year. Eka added that if accumulated since 2017, TaniFund has provided funding to farmers of up to Rp 180 billion.

The TaniHub Group market also recorded an increase. Now, services on the TaniHub e-commerce platform already have a customer satisfaction level of up to 95%. This is driven by innovations in the accuracy of same-day order services up to 90%. Over the past year , TaniHub e-commerce has also received more than 250,000 new users.

“In 2020 we succeeded in expanding the market scope, especially in the Java and Bali regions. Now, we have six distribution centers that can serve more than 400 districts, “added Eka.

In the midst of growing its business, TaniHub built a Packing and Processing Center (PPC) in Malang City with the aim of maintaining the quality of agricultural products while on distribution trips.

Campaign Maximization and Collaboration

Another reason for the increasing business of the TaniHub Group throughout 2020 is the courage of this startup in taking business steps . Throughout the year, this startup has continued to increase brand awareness through various campaigns and promotions.

Eka revealed that the campaign with the greatest achievement was achieved by Bango Pangan Lestari, which is a partnership campaign with Unilever Indonesia. Through this campaign, TaniHub acts as a platform to buy products directly from farmers and collaborates to train farmers to get funding from TaniFund in order to improve business and welfare.

“2020 is also a momentum for us to build relationships, collaborate and expand our impact. We have done a number of collaborations with BUMN, retail associations, and public companies to have a bigger impact on farmers and increase consumer awareness of TaniHub, “Eka concluded.

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