US$ 100 Million Funding, Linktree Ready to Expand Market

Linktree announced a US$ 100 million funding from Index Venture and Coatue, which will be used for market expansion and feature development. In addition, the company’s record growth in 2021 brings certainty to further involvement from investors such as AirTree Ventures and Insight Partners.

Indonesia is one of Linktree’s markets, which will be directly affected by the funding. Even though it hasn’t been officially in the country for a long time, Linktree has already received attention thanks to its customer experience that provides recommendations to others around them.

Linktree Ready to Expand Market

“With its people actively sharing the things they do and love on digital platforms, Linktree is ready to strengthen its services in Indonesia and meet the needs of creators, businesses, and digital service users,” said Linktree Country Manager Michael Wijaya in his official statement.

Linktree’s mission to expand the market to more countries with the funding that has been obtained is also supported by the appointment of a new president. Mike Olson, who was appointed as Linktree’s first President, will lead the effort with experience in executive positions at digital companies such as Twitch, Pandora, and LinkedIn.

“Over the past few years, the creator economy has grown rapidly and Linktree is leading the way through innovations in the areas of discovery , engagement and monetization. There is so much commercial potential with a large number of users in India and Indonesia,” said Olson, who will be based in the United States.

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Founded in 2016, Linktree is the first and largest platform in the link in bio category that allows users to easily display their online identities. The platform helps users direct their audience to many other links they want to promote such as merchandise, fundraisers and documents.

According to Linktree’s records, there were 1.2 billion clicks to sites related to business and sales in 2021. During the period between 2020 and 2021, there was data regarding the verticals of creators, musicians, and small business users of Linktree, each of which experienced an average growth of more than 300%.

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